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Lynn Hellerstein
April 2010 Newsletter

Say It!

In the previous newsletters, you have explored and practiced visualization. It is now time to bring your imagery to the present. Declare it!

Say It!
is the second component of the See It. Say It. Do It! Model. Declarations, also called affirmations, are important elements of the process that leads to transformations—a big Ta-Dah!

You are the product of your thoughts. The more a thought is repeated, the more energy and power it generates. Thoughts influence every aspect of life, choices and attitudes. Imagine how it feels if you keep telling yourself that you are stupid or not good enough. Some people don’t need to imagine that. They feel it on a daily basis! This generates a lot of BAD energy.  

Now imagine how it feels when you tell yourself that you are strong and powerful! Sure, you need to believe that is possible, even if you are not feeling strong and powerful at the moment. Notice the difference in your body, posture and thoughts. Don’t worry if some negative thoughts slip into your mind. Just let those negative thoughts pass through, like clouds moving in the sky. Then re-create your declaration.

Let’s practice stating your declaration. This means to say out loud what you want to happen; and say it like it already has come true. In other words, start with the end result and then work backwards.  

Examples of inspired declarations that your child might say are:
  • I am a good reader!
  • I like myself!
  • I make good choices!
  • I can do anything I want!
Compare the above inspired declarations with these negative thoughts:
  • I hate to read.
  • I don’t like myself.
  • I make dumb choices. 
  • I can’t…
Remember, let your child choose his or her own declaration.  What might resonate for you may not be the same for your child.  

This activity- “A Declaration—Exclaim It!” gives you and your child a fun way to start the declaration process.

Let's Practice!
Activity of the Month:

A Declaration—Exclaim It

Purpose: Learn how to make a declaration.

Instructions to child:

Discuss a concern that your child brings up. It could be a school, family or sports situation. Take a few moments to let him see and feel himself in the scenario.

Parent: What do you see in your imagination? (Allow plenty of time for him to explore and observe.)
Parent: What do you notice?
Child response: _____.
Parent: How do you look?
Child response: _____.
Parent: How does your body feel? (Not just “fine.” Give him time to explore and describe any sensations).
Child response: _____.
Parent: Is there anything in your picture you would like to change? If so, what is it?
Child response: _____.
Parent: What would you like to change it to?
Child response: _____.
Parent: Now, how would you like to be in this situation? (You might give him an example of looking stronger or feeling bigger. Allow your child to create his state of how he would like to be).
Child response: I am (strong, big, smart, or whatever he stated)
Parent: Say it again, loud and clear. State it with feeling, like you really mean it.
Child: I am _____! (Show him how to use body language to illustrate the power of his words. For instance, raise your hands like you are a winner, or jump up and down and show how powerful you are. Or put your hand over your heart as you state your declaration).

If your child makes a declaration, but does so in a very uninspiring way, the declaration will not be effective. However, when he makes a declaration that is clear, firm, strong and includes powerful body language, it will move and even encourage him. Tell your child, “Say it like you really mean it!” Don’t be surprised if he shouts it out. “That’s good!” You can enthusiastically shout it out after he has declared it.

It is essential to declare strong powerful statements to replace negative self talk and thoughts. Continue stating your declarations daily. It takes repetition to integrate declarations into your life. Once your child becomes more confident in visualizing and declaring goals, observe what happens in his life. Note any shifts in attitude and effort.   

Amazing changes in your child’s life occur! Do these activities with your child and yourself. Enjoy your own Ta-Dahs!

Keep an eye out (I mean both eyes) for the May 2010 Newsletter, where you will learn about the Do It! component of the See It. Say It. Do It! Model.

Happy Spring!
With love and gratitude,

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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See It. Say It. Do It!

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