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Lynn Hellerstein
January 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first email newsletter of 2010. It is with great honor and gratitude that I welcome you and look forward to sharing our thoughts, insights and stories.

This website was created as part of my vision of sharing the power of the See It. Say It. Do It! Model. in creating successful students and confident kids. The Model has evolved over my 30 years of practicing vision therapy. The technology of the See It. Say It. Do It! Model provided guidance and was an integral aspect in writing this book. At times I ask myself, did I create the book or did the book create me? This is how it all began…

In October 2008, I presented a 1 day course at COVD (College Of Optometrists in Vision Development) to the vision therapists. Numerous attendees commented on how much they learned and enjoyed the course. They requested additional written materials and references so that they could share it with their patients, parents, and teachers. I remember saying to myself, "There needs to be a book for parents & teachers on the power of visualization. But I'm not going to write it!"

Writing is a challenge for me. It is much easier to present a workshop. I’ve published in optometry and medical journals, however, writing a book on visualization was really different. It needed to be creative, interactive, illustrated, and easily readable.

In Dec. 2008, while sitting in one of Harv Eker's self-improvement courses, the presenter made a statement that, "most people have a book within them. It's now time to write it." It’s still a mystery why his statement had such impact on me. However, at that very moment, I decided that I would write my book. The completed book flashed into my mind, including the topics, activities, and some illustrations. This was my “See It” moment.

The writing process itself was the obstacle. A friend and mentor agreed to assist me in writing. Since I still didn’t acknowledge myself as a “good writer”, I thought I needed to partner with someone who had successfully written a book.  The irony is, that my friend never ended up writing the book with me!

I resisted, avoided and dreaded the role of the “writer”. After exhausting multiple avenues, including hiring several content editors who couldn’t capture my voice, I woke up and realized the only way this book was going to happen is if I wrote it. The self-doubt and negative self-talk continued. It finally hit me. I needed to follow the technology of my very own book! I could “See It” (visualize) and I was “Doing It” (taking action), but I hadn’t “Said It” (declared it)!

“I am a writer,” I would passively say with no emotion, not truly believing my statement. “You’re no writer,” my critical voice responded. Despite my doubts as a writer, I saw my finished book and felt its impact on the millions who will read it. Finally, I just yelled out, “I am a WRITER!!!”

Wow, the power and emotion of that statement scared me. I looked around to see if anyone heard me and then quietly laughed, “I AM a writer.”

Making this declaration opened me to receive many unexpected gifts, support and assistance. My writing began to flow. The See It. Say It. Do It! Model guided me through the process of not only creating this book, but writing this book. What a lesson…an unbelievable journey.

I invite you to navigate through the See It. Say It. Do It! Model throughout 2010. Together we can transform our visions into realities. I challenge you to visualize, journal your insights and create intentions for your life. Click here for additional information on transforming your intentions.

For the next several monthly email newsletters, we will explore the See It. Say It. Do It! Model through stories, activities and examples. The “See It” portion will be explored in February’s newsletter.

Send your questions, personal stories and topic requests. May this year be filled with your dreams, successes and huge Ta-Dahs!

With love and gratitude,

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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Let's Practice Visualizing!
Activity of the Month:

The Light Bulb

Have fun using your many senses.

Instructions to parent:
When giving this visualization to your child, be sure to give her time to notice and describe her picture. Pause between questions. Don’t feed her with answers. Let her have the time to imagine and create. It’s not about having a right answer here. It’s about your child learning to become aware through all of her senses, and then to change, expand and create more pictures. Most kids love this activity and really get into the fun of it.

Some kids, however, have a different experience. You might tell her to see a light bulb, but she may see something else, like a tree, or a dog, or a color, or who knows what else. That is just fine. Go with it and explore whatever she sees. The goal is to start her becoming aware of her visualization process.

Instructions to your child
Parent: Sit comfortably, and take a few deep breaths.
Imagine a light bulb.
What color is your light bulb?
Child: It’s ______.
Parent: Now, change the color of the light bulb. Is it bright or dim?
Child: It’s ______.
Parent: Make it brighter, then darker.
(With your hand, turn the light on and off with a flip of a switch or a turn of the dial. Encourage your child to actually “flip” the switch in her mind.)
Parent: Very carefully get close to the light bulb. Be careful, it might be hot!
Is the light bulb above you or on a table?
Child: It’s ______.
Parent: While looking at your light bulb, notice if there are any sounds in the room. Do you smell anything?
Child: I hear ______.
Parent: Time to turn your light bulb out! “Click,” there goes the switch.
(Make a clicking sound representing a flip of the switch).

Remember, use no judgments about right or wrong answers. Just be there to lead the experience.

See It. Say It. Do It!

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