Orangutan Outreach: SPRING FEVER

The Orangutans Have Spring Fever! 

Get Ready for Years of Living Dangerously!

We are so excited to be partnering with the media team from Years of Living Dangerously to present one of the most important series ever created for television. Starting Sunday, April 13th at 10 pm on Showtime,
 Years confronts climate change head on with unmatchable star-power. Episodes 1 & 2 feature Hollywood legend Harrison Ford visiting Sumatra & Borneo to see the massive devastation caused by deforestation. Watch as 'Indonesia Jones'  learns about palm oil and sees what it has done to the orangutans & their forest home. Nyaru Menteng founder Lone Dröscher Nielsen introduces Harrison Ford to the orphaned orangutans. See behind-the-scenes photos and watch the premiere episode on the Orangutan Outreach website
Visit the Years of Living Dangerously website to learn more about the series.

Spring Adoption Updates! 

Beautiful Cinta is being cared for at BOS Nyaru Menteng Baby School! Adopt her today!

 Rickina is a Star!  
More than 700,000 people have seen her on YouTube!  Have you?
 View the clip on the Orangutan Outreach YouTube channel. 

Adopt her today!

Gorgeous Gober has some VERY exciting news for you... Stay tuned! 
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Adoption funds cover critical needs at the rescue centers where the orangutans are being cared for by our partners IAR, BOS and SOCP.  For just $10/month you can make a huge difference in the life of an orangutan!

Familiar Faces in the Forest!

We have wonderful news to share about a very special girl. Many of you will hopefully remember a beautiful little orangutan named Kesi. She was one of the first orangutans in our online adoption program and was famous for her missing hand, which had been chopped off when she was an infant by the poachers who killed her mother. Little Kesi is all grown up and has moved to an island to begin the final stage of her rehabilitation.
Read more on the Orangutan Outreach website

In other exciting news Hamlet, one of the stars of the Animal Planet series Orangutan Island, has been released back into a safe, secure forest in the Heart of Borneo! Handsome Hamlet is now truly King of the Forest! Bravo to the entire team at BOS Nyaru Menteng for the continued success of the Orangutan Release Program.  See more awesome photos & videos

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