Orangutan Outreach Newsletter: Summer Sizzle!

Summer Sizzle!
We've got some red hot updates for you!


Meet Krismon!

The Orangutan Outreach adoption program has never featured an adult male— until now! 
We'd like to introduce you to a truly breathtaking orangutan named Krismon. This handsome Sumatran cheekpadder was illegally held as a pet for 19 years and kept in a small cage until he was rescued by the OIC team on May 30th. He is now being cared for at the SOCP quarantine center where he has begun what will be a long period of rehabilitation.

SOCP desperately needs funds to build a suitable enclosure for Krismon.
All adoption funds from Krismon will go towards this effort.
THANK YOU!  {:(|}


Our NEW T-shirts Are Selling Fast!

Lovely Lena

We finally have new t-shirts, but supplies are limited!
If you want one you better hurry! We're starting to run out of some colors/sizes!  

Our gorgeous t-shirt model is the O-so-lovely Lena, resident of the Topeka Zoo. Lena is 34 years old and has a younger sister named Rudy. She loves pineapple, apples, elm & mulberry browse. She likes to blow kisses and loves to play peek-a-boo with zoo visitors. She also likes to do somersaults! She has never given birth, but she is a wonderful aunt to her 3-year-old nephew Bumi. She loves playing with him and even shares her food with him! Lena loves to cover herself with different types of fabric, so when she was presented with an Orangutan Outreach t-shirt, she didn't waste any time putting it on! We think it looks GREAT on her!  :-)
Thanks to Topeka Zookeeper Drew Kiker for sending us Miriam Gordon's awesome photo and to everyone at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center for ALL their generous support!  

Orangutan Outreach Zoo Presentations 

Earlier this month Orangutan Outreach Executive Director Richard Zimmerman was invited to speak about orangutan conservation at the Topeka Zoo, Kansas City Zoo and Rolling Hills Zoo. Thanks to Wrylie Guffey at the Topeka Zoo for arranging the speaking trip and to the staff at all three zoos for being so generous with their time and their warm hospitality. Pictured at right is Rich & Wrylie with the coolest ride in Kansas! 

It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to present to such welcoming audiences— and to meet orangutans Lena, Bumi, Rudy & Mawas at Topeka; Jill, Josie, Baby Dusty, Kalijon, T.K., Berani & Rufus at Kansas City and Clyde and Rusa at Rolling Hills. The humans were pretty awesome, too!  {;(|} Thanks to all three zoos for supporting Orangutan Outreach.

If you or your zoo are interested in having Richard come speak about orangutan conservation, please email us. Raising awareness is the key to saving the orangutans! 

Our Speedy Breedy Campaign Needs YOU!

We are raising funds with our partner OVAID to provide BOS, IAR and SOCP with a state-of-the-art medical testing device called the Speedy Breedy. This miniature, fully mobile lab can quickly identify different types of bacteria in a sick orangutan's blood, feces and urine. It will help the veterinary teams diagnose and begin treatment quicker than ever before. Speedy Breedy will help save orangutan lives. 

Dr. Ayu from IAR Ketapang is pictured at right holding the Speedy Breedy demo model. 
To purchase these devices we need YOUR support. We're about halfway to our funding goal. Please make a donation today.
Learn more about the Speedy Breedy here.

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