Happy Holidays from Orangutan Outreach

O O O... Happy Holidays
from Orangutan Outreach!

Thanks to artist Alina Bachmann for Orangutan Cheekpadder Santa.
See more of her amazing work on our Pinterest Page 

New Faces in our Adoption Program!
Meet Cinta & Jumbo!

Cinta & Jumbo are being cared for at BOS Nyaru Menteng Baby School!
Adopt them today!


Orangutan Adoption Updates!

We added more photos for December!!!
Check out the latest adoption updates to see how your adoptees are doing!
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Is this Ganteng or Ginting? Hmmmm....  Only Mama Gober knows for sure! 

Rickina never lets go of her boyfriend Rocky!  #love

More than 300,000 people have seen Rickina on YouTube!  Have you?
View the clip on the Orangutan Outreach YouTube channel. 

Orangutan Adoptions make GREAT gifts!  Show her how much you love her!
Has your adoption expired? Come on back! The orangutans are waiting! 
Already adopting someone? They would LOVE a sibling! 
Adoption funds cover critical needs at the rescue centers where the orangutans are being cared for by IAR, BOS and SOCP. For just $10/month you can make a huge difference in the life of an orangutan!

Daisy: Home for the Holidays!

We have some truly wonderful news to share about a very special girl. Those of you who watched Orangutan Island on Animal Planet surely remember Sheriff Daisy. Daisy is now living free in the forest! Bravo to the entire team at BOS Nyaru Menteng for another successful orangutan release. They've now released more than 100 rehabilitated orangutans into a safe, secure forest in the Heart of Borneo. Read more here. Please support the Orangutan Outreach Orangutan BOS Nyaru Menteng Release Fund. Learn more here


Orangutan Haven is on Crowdrise!

 Sumatran orangutans need YOU! Earth 4 Orangutans is featured in the Crowdrise Holiday Challenge. Visit the campaign to learn more and make a contribution!  

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