Work in Progress
A little hint of what's next. You can see the cartoon below the yarn. After the measuring is complete, the tying begins.
Tying is partially finished.
And this is the mess I make when tying ikat. I start off putting the trimmed pieces in the waste basket, but it always seems to revert to this.
Close-up of ikat ties.
The last few months have been very busy. I had a goal to finish five new pieces by the end of April. You can see them below. That means that they are completely finished. Warp ends woven in, steamed and/or pressed, photographed, rolled up and ready to go. Doing that finish work is a big achievement for me. After all, that's not the fun part. The fun part is dyeing the yarns and weaving, seeing all those colors become something.

Illusion, hand-dyed wool tapestry
28.25 x 48.5 in.

The Zebra in My Head
Hand-dyed weft faced wool ikat,
27.75 x 48.25 in.

Headin' Home, Hand-dyed wool tapestry
30.25 x 43.25 in.

Wari, hand-dyed weft-faced ikat
27.75 x 45 in.

Blue Zebra, hand-dyed wool, weft-faced ikat

Have you been to the new Piano Pavilion yet? I went for a docent-led tour, and found the information about the building, its design, and construction, very interesting. This is a picture looking towards the Will Rogers Memorial from the Asian wing. The dreamy, foggy aspect is caused by the screens that cover the windows. But isn't this just a perfect framing of the memorial? We are so fortunate here in Fort Worth to have such wonderful museums.
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