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Like almost everyone, I have enjoyed the rains during the month of May. That is until they became not so enjoyable. And like many others, it has been difficult to find a dry time period to cut weeds and grass. On my almost 3/4 acre, the thistles have been "busting out all over." Too bad they're not a cash crop. And snakes! As you can imagine, this tall stuff hides lots of critters, including fire ants and snakes. Thank goodness for rubber boots!
The magic of indigo blue

Indigo is a magical plant. It produces the denim blue that we associate with blue jeans. In fact, your Levis were originally dyed with indigo. Often that indigo in the jeans would “crock,” meaning the blue would rub off on your skin until that extra dye was removed from many washes.

There is a variety of indigo native to Texas, but most varieties will grow here. The leaves can be used fresh or frozen to dye, but that would usually be for small projects.

In India, the harvest goes through an extraction process in which the leaves are fermented. The fermented product is formed into balls or squares (cake) and dried. This hard indigo then has to be powdered before one is able to dye. It sometimes takes a hammer to do this–ask me how I know! continue reading
Did you notice in the top photo how Wall Gallery framed these two pieces? The one on the right (Path to the Sun) has been placed in an acrylic frame, after first being stitched to a linen background. The piece on the left (Door) has been sandwiched between two pieces of acrylic, which seem to be held together with acrylic nails, visible on the sides.

Fall Gallery Night 2015 September 12

Fort Worth Weavers Guild biannual show at Community Arts Center. The theme is weaving inspired by our wonderful world.
    September 5-28
    Reception: September 12

Fall Group Show 2015 September 12
Fort Worth Collective group show at Botanical Research Institute, University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas
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