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Sherri Woodard Coffey

Handwoven Art

The New Year has passed, along with the Chinese New Year (can you believe it's already February?), so where are you on all those resolutions. I gave up resolutions years ago, but I have started something new this year. After my morning coffee and newspaper, I go directly to the studio. That means there is no checking of email, no Facebook, no going down rabbit holes. It's amazing what one can get done by just eliminating those things until later!

Now, I often watch the sun come up from my loom bench. Since this habit seems to be going well, it's time to add one more--designated office hours, not my favorite thing to do. It's on my calendar!

I'll let you know how this goes. And I'd like to hear about any new habits you're working on.

assuetude = another word for habit
Productivity is up with the studio hours coming so early in the morning. This piece is off the loom and waiting for the finish work. Yes, you see crosses again. I wrote about choosing that design and the different kinds of crosses here-
What's on the loom--a possible triptych, a decision I had to make mid-weave, so to speak. This is the second section in progress. More about this decision on my blog.
This is the first section already advanced toward the fabric beam. You can see where the second piece began where the line of green yarn is.
The weather this week has been beautiful, the the dye pots just had to get busy. This is a bunch of yarn tied with an ikat design that will be dyed black. After the dyeing, all the ties have to be untied and will be ready for weaving.
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