Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward de Bono

Road Trip!

May 4-5
Fayetteville, Texas
I'm going to join the art this year. Hope to see you there!

Rugs on the floor


33.75 x 33.75 inches
Handwoven tapestry, hand-dyed wool yarn
There's been bit of an interest in geodes recently.

Studio News


For a while now, it seems that all my creativity has gone into choosing paint colors and floor types. You would think that someone who works with color all the time would just snap her fingers and the choices would be made. Didn’t work that way. And once the decision is made, there is scheduling all the workers and turning your house over to strangers. Then, after all the renovating was done, the creativity fairy went on vacation. She’s back now and has waved her magic wand. The weaving has begun!

I’m doing a new type of weaving for me, wedge weave. Wedge weave is a Navajo weaving technique that leaves wavy selvedges. When the triangles (wedges) are woven, the warp is pulled inward. When the weaving goes in the other direction, the selvedge will look normal, which creates the scalloped look. The picture above is a Navajo Eye Dazzler from the website of the Oriental and Navajo Rug Company. A more modern interpretation of wedge weave can be found on Connie Lippert's website.

By trying something new, all kinds of ideas are coming to me while sitting on the loom bench.


At the beginning of this piece, I wove two bands of multi-colored wedges. The angst of choosing the next color was not enjoyable, so I let the purples and greens emerge.

More Progress

Here there is more progress on the larger zigzags. I'm really enjoying the weaving of this, even though I have no idea how it will turn out.
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