Orange County’s regional parks attract millions of visitors each year to hike, bike, ride, picnic, play or just hang out. But did you know that most of our lakes are stocked with fish?

Stocked lakes get deliveries throughout two seasons – catfish in spring and summer, and trout in fall and winter. In all, nine lakes are stocked: Irvine Lake in Silverado, and lakes inside the following regional parks: Clark, Craig, Tri-City, Irvine, Carbon Canyon, Yorba, Mile Square and Laguna Niguel.

Shoreline fishing only (no floats or boats) is available at all our stocked lakes. A fishing license is required for all anglers age 16 and up at all lakes other than Irvine Lake, which has a special permit. All California Department of Fish and Wildlife rules apply to all our lakes.

Stocking schedules are posted and updated on our website as delivery information is confirmed. Only the week of the stocking is posted to prevent early overfishing.

Children get the opportunity to try their hands at fishing during kids’ fishing derbies scheduled throughout the year. Mile Square Regional Park will be hosting its 20th annual Free Kids’ Fishing Derby Saturday, March 14 with a trout and catfish stocking including 10 tagged trophy fish.

Clark Regional Park has another children’s derby scheduled for May 2, and Tri-City Regional Park for June 27. Check our events calendar and fish stocking schedules for information on upcoming derbies.

A young angler with her prizes at the Mile Square Regional Park Free Kids’ Fishing Derby


Ever wonder how the lakes are stocked? OC Parks contracts with a lake management company that monitors water quality and routine maintenance within all our lakes. The lake management personnel attend every scheduled stocking to personally observe public safety, the stocking operation and monitor the quality and quantity of the fish. Per the stocking contract, the industry’s best management practice of “Water Displacement” methodology is applied. When fish are added to the water in the tank, the water level rises to a predetermined level that equals the required pounds of fish. The size (weight) of the fish displace a certain amount of water, similar to adding ice to a glass of water. This is the fifth season we have contracted with the same hatchery, which provides us with the popular Nebraska Tailwalker rainbow trout.

OC Parks proudly maintains and stocks nine fishing lakes throughout Orange County for local and visiting anglers to enjoy. Click the video above to learn about the top three things to know about fishing at OC Parks!


The clocks spring forward early March 8, marking the beginning of daylight-saving time and OC Parks’ spring-summer operating schedule. Most regional parks will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wilderness parks and selected regional parks are open at 7 a.m. and close at sunset year round.
OC Parks facilities will remain on these operating hours until daylight-saving time ends Nov. 1, 2019. For a full list of spring-summer hours, please visit our website.


So far, Southern California has had a pretty dry winter, plus some recent warm temperatures. It’s too early to tell how this will affect the 2020 wildflower season.

We would love your help tracking blooms as they appear! If you spot wildflowers in OC Parks, post your photos to Instagram and tag @OCParks and add the hashtag #OCParksBlooms. Make sure to include the location so others can visit! And if you want to check on where to find flowers, search and follow the #OCParksBlooms hashtag on Instagram.

Make sure to spot responsibly: stay on trail and don’t pick the flowers!

Kids' Fishing Derby 
March 14 |  9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Mile Square Regional Park 
Adventure Day 
April 4 | 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Caspers Wilderness Park 


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