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January 2015 | Issue 89

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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year, and a brand new orbit about the sun begins...and with it a renewed effort to work, work, work for parrots. And with this effort comes a request for support, which you have all so amazingly answered! Your response to our call for endangered parrots has been outstanding. Thanks to your support WPT will be able to work with many important projects this year -- ones that survey wild populations, raise awareness about the plight of parrots and rescue and rehabilitate confiscated birds from the wildlife trade, to name a few. All very important actions for the conservation of parrots! So thanks, it's great to be partners in conservation with all of you parrot heroes!

All best,
Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Lilian's Lovebird Researcher Receives Award

The population of Lilian's Lovebird, Agapornis lilianae, may be as little as 10,000 in the wild. In 2013 WPT began supporting researchers who have now completed exploratory field expeditions, added new distributional records, identified multiple roost sites in Zambia, and had meetings with key partners. One of those researchers, Tiwonge Mzumara-Gawa, recently received the International Young Conservationist Award at the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney Australia.

The award recognises Tiwonge's bird conservation work in her native Malawi, which has included some important parrot work. WPT is delighted to be working with Tiwonge, helping bring her skills and experience to bear on the conservation of Lilian's Lovebirds in Zambia and throughout their range.

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Species Profile:

Red-throated Lorikeet

Red-throated Lorikeet Genus: Charmosyna
Species: amabilis

World Population: <50
Where found: Viti Levu, Ovalau, Vanua Levu and Taveuni (Fiji Islands group).
Ecology: Found in upland rainforest to 1000m (3280 ft), high up in the forest canopy, therefore hard to spot. Birds feed in small groups of 5-8 birds (Holyoak, 1973) getting together to feed on flowers, nectar and pollen. Sometimes driven away by aggressive Collared Lories (Phigys solitarius). Birds are inconspicuous in behaviour, and not seen often. Lorikeets observed (Holyoak, 1973) feeding in the canopy of a tall, unknown flowering tree, hanging upside-down to get at the flowers.
Threat Summary: Predation by introduced mammals, and, to a lesser extent, logging.
IUCN/CITES Listings: Critically Endangered, Appendix II

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Incorporating Wild and Natural Foods into Companion Parrot Diets

EB Cravens

In part 2 of a podcast series on wild and companion bird diets, EB Cravens shares his thoughts on providing natural foods to mimic those found in the wild, and the benefits of doing it.

Listen to the podcast »

Red-bellied Macaw Chronicles

Evet Loewen, LLB

WPT supporter Evet Loewen's Red-bellied Macaw Chronicles continues an ongoing dialogue on the highs and lows seen in the care of the species. In Part 8, she discusses the introduction of two young macaws to her growing flock, and in Part 9, introduces us to Sophia, and shares the wonder of watching previously suppressed wild tendancies come to life.

Part 8: Young Red-bellied Macaws Join the Flock »
Part 9: A Family Life »
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Ask an Expert: Teaching Free-flight to a Grey Parrot

Lee McGuire

Providing your companion parrot with the ability to free fly safely can be a rewarding experience for both you and your parrot. Here WPT expert Lee McGuire counsels a parrot caregiver on how to get started in expanding a bird's horizons to include free flight.

Read the answer »

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Thanks to Carol Cipriano, DJ Feathers

Unwavering support for parrots!

A 6th successful Parrot Lover's Cruise and a 7th year of DJ Feathers' Parrot Pictures with Santa, both raising funds and awareness for the parrots of the world! Many thanks go to Dave Kramer, owner of DJ Feathers, and Carol Cipriano, organizer of the Parrot Lover's Cruise, for their outstanding efforts on behalf of parrots.Each event draws throngs of parrot enthusiasts every year and is enjoyed by all. Dave Kramer notes, "In addition to the myriad of parrots, we also had a dog and a goat come in for photos (a first). One family we've photographed their kid (now kids) from an infant. It's become a tradition for them."

Carol Cipriano's cruise whisks ardent parrot lovers off to spectacular locales in the Caribbean each year, to islands where projects for at-risk parrots are in full swing. The result is an educational and colorful vacation that is as inspiring as it is supportive of parrots. Proceeds from both events go to support WPT's ongoing conservation and research projects. WPT and the parrots thank you!

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