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June 2015 | Issue 94

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Dear Reader,

Happy June to you all! In this issue we hear about our successful campaign for the surviving confiscated parrots from Indonesia, found miserably stuck into bottles, who are doing well. We thank you for that, and provide a bit of an update below.

Along with the usual suspects for our newsletter, like the Parrot Pic IQ and headlines, we have a podcast from Jim McKendry for you to enjoy and an update from the Lilian's lovebird project. We also have information about other donations and events, featuring more of our tenacious supporters! We appreciate all of the efforts that go into saving parrots, and all of the help we receive.

Best to you all,
Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Indonesia Nine Receive Much-needed Funds

Supporters rally to aid confiscated parrots

Many thanks to all of our supporters who donated to the Indonesia Nine! You have made a tremendous difference in the lives of these parrots, confiscated back in May. The dedicated people from the Maharani Zoo, where the birds were taken, are working hard to ensure the health and safety of the group (eight Sulphur-crested cockatoos and one Eclectus parrot.) The birds are alert, curious and apparently doing well. General manager Mr. Boy "Ali Syarifuddin" and two veterinarians are on the job, and all of us at WPT appreciate their efforts.

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Species Profile:

Blue-streaked Lory

Blue-streaked Lory

Genus: Eos
Species: reticulata
World Population: Decreasing
Range: Found on Yamdena and Larat, Tanimbar Islands and Babar Island, Indonesia. Introduced to Kai Islands and Damar Island, where it has possibly disappeared.
Habitat: Occurs in mangroves, coconut groves, plantations and secondary forest along the coast; also primary forest.
Ecology and Behaviour: Habits are similar to those of other Eos species. Usually seen in flying flocks of ten or more birds; flocks are often noisy. When seen singly or in pairs are more shy.
Threat Summary: The species is suspected to be declining at a slow to moderate rate due to the combined forces of habitat loss and trapping.
IUCN/CITES Listings: Near-threatened, Appendix II

More about the Blue-streaked Lory »

Lilian's Lovebird Expedition Underway

Dr. Rowan Martin, WPT Africa Programme Manager

Lilian's Lovebird (c) Marcel Holyoak

A two-month expedition aimed at understanding the conservation needs of Lilian's lovebirds is currently underway in Zambia. Dr. Tiwonge Gawa, who recently won an award as a leading International Young Conservationist, is heading up a team of researchers to explore little-travelled areas of the Zambezi basin. The team, which includes researchers from the University of Edinburgh, BirdWatch Zambia and The Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, are collecting data on the current distribution of Lilian's lovebirds and their habitat requirements.

Lilian's lovebirds are generally considered specialists of Mopane woodlands where they roost in mature trees but this habitat is under threat in southern Africa. A key aim of the expedition is to understand the strength of the lovebird's association with Mopane woodlands, and importantly to understand the drivers of changes to woodlands within the lovebird's range. The research is made possible by the kind support of Pamela and Neville Isdell and the British Ecological Society's 'Ecologists in Africa' Fund.

WPT's Africa Conservation Programme »

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Parrot Headlines

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Parrot Podcasts


Parrots of the Indian Subcontinent IQ

Name these parrots from India:

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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Crowdfunding for Kakapos

Help for the much-loved and unique parrot

For the critically endangered Kakapo, whose numbers have dwindled to 126 individuals, time is running out. Their decline has been hastened by habitat degradation and clearance, as well as the introduction of predators such as stoats and cats. To escape these threats, Kakapos have been relocated to the various islands off the coast of New Zealand. It would be a tragedy if we lost these extraordinary birds. But thankfully there are determined people working to stop the loss. The story of the Kakapo has certainly galvanized Janet Luxton, an artist of rare talent, into action. She has set up a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. The goal is to raise $45,000 US to support the strange and wonderful Kakapo's survival.

Please support this great cause. Donate today! »

Donations and Special Mentions

Going over and above for parrots

A biotechnician is at the Belize Bird Rescue for a month helping with various conservation and rehab center fieldwork, sponsored by Mark Hagen, Director of Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI). Further to his generous funding of various projects, Mark will also be speaking at Think Parrots 2015 in London on June 21st, 'Early education and development of parrots', at 3-4pm.

The Crazy Bird Ladies have come to WPT's aid once more! Group leader Bev Penny once again rallied her troops to fundraise for wild parrots, this time choosing to help the help the Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo (subspecies abbotti). A whopping $1550 US was raised and sent to WPT-Indonesia to help protect the remaining parrots. Well done and a giant thank you to everyone who answered the CBL call to help!

And a big thank-you to ATCO Electric - Transmission Division in Edmonton, AB Canada, who donated $130.00 to the Canadian World Parrot Trust (CWPT) through their annual ATCO Employees Participating in Communities (EPIC) Campaign. Well done, everyone!

Volunteer Opportunities

Stepping up for parrots

WPT partners Echo and Ara Project are carrying out important work for parrots in Bonaire and Costa Rica, respectively - and they always need volunteers to help! If you have time to spare, take a look at their ongoing opportunities by following the links below, and see if you fit the bill.

Volunteer opportunities at Echo »
Volunteer opportunities at the Ara Project »

Events and Other Good Things

Creative people supporting parrots

Avian Discovery Tours
Join the adventure company Avian Discovery Tours on a thrilling 16-day parrot lover's dream tour to see over half of Australia's parrot species! From flocks of budgies to cockatoos, parrots are everywhere here. Book early, as the limit is 8 participants. Plus, a percentage of the tour cost is donated directly to the World Parrot Trust, to support efforts in parrot conservation.

Date: Sep. 19 - Oct. 4, 2015
Don Kimball
Phone: 1.800.707.2896
Learn more:

Parrot Lover's Cruise - Western Caribbean
Welcome to the 7th Annual Parrot Lover's Cruise, one of the most spectacular cruises for parrot enthusiasts. Leave your worries behind and relax as you join us to discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world. Educate yourself with onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call where you may get a chance to see wild parrots! Special guest speakers include animal training, behavior and enrichment specialist Lara Joseph, and Joanna Eckles of Minnesota Audubon.

Date: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2015
Carol Cipriano
Phone: 1.570.470.5006
Learn more:

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