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May 2015 | Issue 93

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Dear Reader,

Once again I am starkly reminded of why I am doing this work with the recent news of the unbearable conditions endured by the parrots confiscated in Indonesia. I don't know of many people who weren't horrified by it all. The trouble is, it happens a lot - these birds just happened to make it into the media. Most smuggled animals don't. Most of them die, far removed from any attention or help.

WPT has, is and will forever be committed to helping save endangered parrots, from all of the threats that can and do harm them. And we are making progress - with the help of all of you. We are humbled and grateful by your responses to our urgent actions to alleviate these emergencies, and to the ongoing crisis that is the loss of the earth's parrots.

Thanks to you all.
Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Caught in the Trade: The Indonesia Nine

WPT steps in to help raise urgent funding

It was hard to miss in the last few weeks - the dreadful pictures of parrots crammed miserably into plastic bottles, sprayed liberally all over print and online media. The seizure made international headlines, causing commentary and dismay all over the world.

The birds were confiscated by police at Surabaya's Tanjung Perak port - nearly two-dozen Sulphur-crested cockatoos, eleonora subspecies (not Yellow-crested, as has been reported) and a lone Eclectus parrot - from a smuggler bound for Jakarta. Police report they have arrested the smuggler and are holding him while they conduct a further investigation. He could face a prison sentence of up to five years if found guilty.

WPT's Indonesia Programme Manager Mehd Halaouate stepped in to offer help when the Maharani Zoo - where the nine survivors were received - requested assistance. In response, WPT has set up a fund to aid the rehabilitation of these birds and help save other threatened parrots in Indonesia. The Trust is also providing logistical and technical support.

If you can help these parrots and others like them please do. To those of you who already have, we thank you!

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Species Profile:


Genus: Northiella
Species: haematogaster

World Population: More than 100,000

N.h. haematogaster: E South Australia, east of Lake Eyre basin and north Flinders Ranges, to NW Victoria, W New South Wales and SW Queensland.
N.h. haematorrhous:
Interior of N New South Wales and S Queensland.
N.h. pallescens: Lake Eyre basin and lower Cooper-Strzelecki Creeks drainages in SW Queensland, NE South Australia and NW New South Wales.
N.h. narethae:
restricted to SE Western Australia, west to SW South Australia.

Ecology: Narethae moves seasonally, with the rains. The other subspecies are resident. Are usually seen in pairs or small groups of up to twenty. The birds feed both on the ground and in trees on berries, blossoms, insect larvae and nectar, as well as spilt wheat. Seen in a variety of habitats including open woodland, riverine woodland, remnant mallee Eucalyptus sp. and farmland. In Lake Erye the species is found in open country with scattered trees. Narethae is found in dry areas with desert she-oak and mulga.

Threat Summary: Subspecies narethae has suffered from trapping in the past; population may be less than 5000 individuals.

IUCN/CITES Listings: Least Concern, Appendix II

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Parrots of the World Illustrator Passes

William T. Cooper praised by parrot enthusiasts and naturalists

WPT has learned of the sad loss of William T. Cooper, renowned bird illustrator, at his home in Queensland Australia on May 10. Over his long career he produced paintings and illustrations depicting hundreds of species of birds found worldwide. "He's travelled through India, East Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia in search of birds," according to Penny Olsen, Cooper's biographer. Together with ornithologist Joseph Forshaw he created the extremely detailed illustrations for a number of influential publications on birds, including Portfolio of Australian Birds, Parrots of the World, Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds. In 1994, he received an Order of Australia for his contribution to art and natural history. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and learned from him.

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2015 PsittaScene - Spring Issue


Parrot IQ - Africa

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Catching and Transport of Parrots

By EB Cravens

Every so often in a companion parrot parent's life a trip must occur - whether it be a ride to the vet's office, a cross-country move or other life event. EB Cravens details the fine art of the sensitively catching and transporting of our feathered friends.

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Events and Other Good Things

Creative people supporting parrots

Think Parrots 2015
Think ParrotsWPT will once again be at the Think Parrots event, June 21st at Kempton Race Course, Middlesex, UK. The annual experience is a must-do for all concerned and caring parrot caregivers with an ambition to give the very best to their birds. Classes given include: 'Correct parrot diets', given by International vet, Neil Forbes FRCVS, 'Advancements in training', together with a display of free-flying birds by Mike Simmons, and Mark Hagen, of Rolf C. Hagen (Canada), will be giving his class on the 'Early development and education of parrots'. Retailer Northern Parrots is again sponsoring Think Parrots and will be displaying its great range of products. There's something here for all parrots great and small, and caregivers too.

Date: Jun. 21, 2015
Location: Kempton Race Course, Middlesex, UK
Learn more:

Avian Discovery Tours
Join the adventure company Avian Discovery Tours on a thrilling 16-day parrot lover's dream tour to see over half of Australia's parrot species! From flocks of budgies to cockatoos, parrots are everywhere here. Book early, as the limit is 8 participants. Plus, a percentage of the tour cost is donated directly to the World Parrot Trust, to support efforts in parrot conservation.

Date: Sep. 19 - Oct. 4, 2015
Don Kimball
Phone: 1.800.707.2896
Learn more:

Parrot Lover's Cruise - Western Caribbean
Welcome to the 7th Annual Parrot Lover's Cruise, one of the most spectacular cruises for parrot enthusiasts. Leave your worries behind and relax as you join us to discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world. Educate yourself with onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call where you may get a chance to see wild parrots!

Date: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2015
Carol Cipriano
Phone: 1.570.470.5006
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