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February 2015 | Issue 90

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Dear <<First Name>>,

So here we are, speeding through another year - it's hard to know where the time goes. But we have great, no, GIANT news: With our Become a Parrot Hero campaign we set a goal of $100,000 (US). You helped push the total to almost $124,000 - what a tremendous feat! Thank you so much for your generosity! Because of this we are able to continue our efforts to save parrots with direct, hands-on conservation actions, conducting field research, spreading awareness, and much more. And there's a lot that's new that will be happening this year in the world of the parrot, so stay tuned.

Read, learn and be merry!

Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Grey Parrots One of the Most Illegally Traded Species

Reports show unsustainability of the parrot trade

The traffic in wildlife, and in particular parrots, has reached enormous proportions. According to reports, Grey Parrots continue to be one of the most illegally traded species. The Democratic Republic of Congo's annual CITES export quota is for 5,000 Grey parrots, but an investigation in 2013 indicated that 12,000-18,000 parrots are trapped annually in Orientale Province (central DRC) alone. Last year, the coordinator of the Société Civile Environnementale of Sud-Kivu Province (eastern DRC) reported that 54,000 parrots had been exported since 2011.

The close relationship between the legal and the illegal trade becomes apparent here: Dealers take advantage of a system that is inadequately monitored. Forged permits are widely used, making it impossible to determine the actual number of birds caught in the illegal trade. With the backing of confiscations, relief for rescued birds and technical help WPT's efforts to halt the trade in parrots continues.

Congo's Quintessential Parrot - PsittaScene Winter 2013 »

Species Profile:

Red-and-green Macaw

Genus: Ara
Species: chloropterus

World Population: Not recorded
Range: E Panama and South America south to N Argentina. Formerly west to Caribbean slope, tropical zone of Colombia, lowland Venezuela, interior of Guianas, and throughout Amazon basin of Brazil, E Ecuador, Peru and NE Bolivia. In Brazil, Mato Grosso and western Sao Paulo. N and E Paraguay.
Ecology: Found in rainforest in north of range; in south in drier, more open areas including floodplain forest, upland forest and dry woodland. Needs large trees for nesting. Seen up to 1400m (4592ft). Forages in canopy for fruits and seeds of various plants and trees; nests in large tree cavities and crevices in cliff faces. Seen generally in pairs or small flocks.
Threat Summary: Loss of habitat, hunting, trapping for live bird trade.
IUCN/CITES Listings: Least Concern, Appendix II

More about the Red-and-green Macaw »

Parrot Cruise Inspires Sally's New Home

WPT Blogger Dr. Sam Williams

Dr. Sam Williams entertains with his latest blog, finding inspiration on his trip with parrot devotees on this year's Parrot Lovers Cruise to Roatan and Belize in Central America.

Read the blog »

iGive - An Inventive Way to Give

An easy way to support parrots

What a great idea - help the World Parrot Trust save wild parrots at no extra cost to you. Join and turn your online shopping & searching into donations for World Parrot Trust-USA at over 1,500 online stores.

Be a part of the first and largest online network of shoppers, online merchants, and worthy causes dedicated to turning everyday online shopping and searching into much-needed contributions. Joining is free! Plus, you get access to free shipping deals and exclusive coupons.

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A Partner for a Companion Parrot

Ask an Expert Phoebe Green Linden

WPT Expert Phoebe Green Linden takes a question from a parrot parent who is researching the possibility of introducing a mate to her one-year old Grey.

Read the answer »

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2014 PsittaScene - Winter Issue


Test Your Parrot IQ

Who Am I?
This parrot was 'rediscovered' about 100 years after it was thought extinct. What is it?

Who Am I?
This parakeet can be found
up to 13,000ft in its range.
Name it.

Who Am I?
This macaw is listed as Vulnerable in the wild.
What is it?

Who Am I?
The scientific name for
this parrot is Vini australis.
What is its common name?

Who Am I?
This parrot tucks leaves
into its rump to carry to
its nest. Name it.

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Carnaby's Cockatoos Enjoy the Comfort and Safety of Baths

Carnaby's Cockatoos are enjoying an addition at Parks and Wildlife in Kensington - a new bath. This is good news for a number of reasons: During the warmer months, the birds love to drink and bathe in the run-off from irrigation, which pools on roadways. This puts them at great risk from being hit by cars.

The bath is a much safer place for them to get a cool, refreshing drink and have a good soak. More improvements: Signs have been erected around the site warning motorists to look out for the birds and Main Roads Western Australia has also installed signs on the roads leading into the area.

Learn more »

Blue-throated Macaws Motivate Young Artist

Inspiration takes many forms: Eleven-year-old Violet Wormington has made a beautiful drawing of a Blue-throated Macaw family in their wild nest. Violet has been interested in these Critically Endangered macaws since she was very young and over the years she has collected moulted feathers from captive birds.

We really appreciate her sharing her drawing with us, and we hope that one day she will be able to visit the Blue-throated Macaws in their wild home range in Bolivia!

Events and Other Good Things

Creative people supporting parrots

Connecticut Parrot Society's 8th Annual Featherfest
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Elks Club, 44 Maynard St., Middletown, Connecticut, USA

Featuring presentations by Mary-Beth Kaeser of Horizon Wings, and Dr. Sam Williams of Echo Bonaire. Check out the “Ask the Vets” tables for answers to your parrot questions, meet an eagle, a hawk, an owl, and more Horizon Wings residents, enjoy the antics of our many live parrot species, visit the vendors' booths displaying toys, cages, play stands, perches, clothing, jewelry, and many other bird-related items, and much more!
Learn more »

Parrot Lover's Cruise - Western Caribbean
Welcome to the 7th Annual Parrot Lover's Cruise, one of the most spectacular cruises for parrot enthusiasts. Leave your worries behind and relax as you join us to discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world. Educate yourself with onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call where you may get a chance to see wild parrots!

Date: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2015
Carol Cipriano
Phone: 1.570.470.5006
Learn more:

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