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March 2015 | Issue 91

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Dear Reader,

Spring is sprung (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), the grass is ris, I wonders where...the parrots is?? They're here, of course, where the news and other bits about parrots are! In our ninety-first issue of the 'letter we share some good news from Africa, talk about the Puerto Rican Amazon, ask a WPT Expert a question on chronic infection in a companion parrot, point you in the direction of a new Facebook page, and more...the parrots is here, and then some!

Read on!

Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Vote for Echo!

European Outdoor Conservation Association to award grants

On the small island of Bonaire in the Caribbean a near-catastrophe has taken place over the years: early settlers have, through logging and the introduction of plant-eating domestic animals, almost created a desert. But there is good news: local NGO and WPT partner Echo has ambitious plans to halt the desertification of the island to aid the native animals living there, especially the Yellow-shouldered Amazon.

Echo's program 'Parrots & People, Trees & Trails' will restore Bonaire's dry-forest and protect the parrot's future. Twenty thousand rare native trees will be planted out in fenced herbivore-exclusion areas and 17km of marked trails created for people to enjoy and value. The program will also support the training of local nature guides.

Every year the NGO European Outdoor Conservation Association asks for nominations in various categories for charities seeking funds to continue their important work. Echo has been nominated for a grant, but needs votes to win this award. If you would like to support Echo's work please vote today.

Your vote will take only a moment and can help make a huge difference for the parrots of Bonaire. Vote today! »

DRC Suspends Trade in all CITES Appendix II Species

Move will help African parrots

Exciting news: The CITES Secretariat has issued a trade suspension for all CITES Appendix II species from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the larger exporter of African Grey parrots. This means that importing countries should no longer accept any export permits from DRC, and that thousands of wild parrots are now protected from the trade. This is not a permanent measure but it is a start.

More on WPT's work with Grey parrots »

Urgent Petition: Black Cockatoos Face Habitat Loss

Organisation calls for halt in logging

The Black Cockatoos in south-west Australia are facing a crisis: they are losing the forests they rely on for food and nest sites. The Western Australian Forest Alliance (WAFA): "The State Government's logging agency, the Forest Products Commission, has plans to log Helms forest -- the jewel in the crown of cockatoo habitat. Helms forest, near Nannup, is an oasis of high quality cockatoo nesting and feeding forest in a region that has been extensively logged and burned in recent years. It is also the release site for birds from the neighbouring cockatoo rehabilitation centre. Please sign the petition calling for Helms, and all other Black Cockatoo forest habitat including Mowen and Challar forests to be immediately protected."

Sign the petition! »

Species Profile:

Red-browed Amazon

Genus: Amazona
Species: rhodocorytha

World Population: 1000 - 2500
Range: East coast of Brazil, most likely extinct in state of Rio de Janeiro; NE Bahia and E Minas Gerais to Espirito Santo and N Sao Paulo.
Habitat: Found in humid lowland forests; also reported in highlands seasonally. Occurs up to 1000m (3280 ft).
Ecology: Roosts in groups, in tall trees. Does not adapt well to partial deforestation. Feeds on fruits, seeds, berries and buds from tree-tops.
Threat Summary: Deforestation and fragmentation of habitat, trapping for wild bird trade.
IUCN/CITES Listings: Endangered/ Appendix I

More about the Red-browed Amazon »

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Dr. Brian Speer, DVM:
Coccidiosis in a cockatiel »

Parrot Headlines

First release of rare parakeet to mainland »

Fuerza Publica rescues baby parrots in Costa Rica »

Bathing parrot turns on faucet and keeps up pressure just the way she likes it »

Parrot 27 metres tall seen floating over Wairapara »

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Parrots of the Indian Subcontinent

New Facebook Page

Parrot lovers and lovers of parrots! A new community Facebook page has been created, and it's dedicated to the parrots of the Indian Subcontinent, and their conservation. There you'll see Psittacula parakeets in all their splendid variety and delightful Vernal Hanging parrots. So go have a look at the stunning photos and read conservation updates on these incredible parrots!

Visit on Facebook »

Puerto Rican Amazon Release

Reintroductions going well

Earlier this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico researchers at the Rio Abajo Nature Preserve reintroduced fifteen Puerto Rican Amazons, the country's only remaining native parrot, into a forest near the island's north coast. It was the ninth such release since 2006, bringing the total number of parrots in the preserve to well over 200, with an estimated 57 to 108 living in the forests nearby. The parrots recently set free were done so via a 'soft release', where they were kept in a cage separate from the other parrots in the program for a year, introduced to local fruits and plants of the area and shown how to recognize predators. The Puerto Rican Natural Resources Department manages a second breeding centre at El Yunque tropical rainforest, with a third centre being planned for the future.

Young Macaw Fan Donates Birthday Money to Conservation

Ara Project grateful recipient of funds

The folks at WPT partner Ara Project were tickled recently by the efforts of a 10 -year old who visited the project last year and was inspired to ask friends and family to give to parrot conservation for his recent birthday. Albert Landau and his mom Tia worked hard to create a poster invitation and an all-around great event. In all, he raised $215 for the project, delighting everyone involved.

Well done, Albert and mom Tia! We thank you and the parrots thank you!

Visit the Ara Project »

Events and Other Good Things

Creative people supporting parrots

Parrot Lover's Cruise - Western Caribbean
Welcome to the 7th Annual Parrot Lover's Cruise, one of the most spectacular cruises for parrot enthusiasts. Leave your worries behind and relax as you join us to discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world. Educate yourself with onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call where you may get a chance to see wild parrots!

Date: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2015
Carol Cipriano
Phone: 1.570.470.5006
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