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April 2015 | Issue 92

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Dear Reader,

The diversity of parrots and the happenings surrounding them never ceases to amaze me - and this month, the variety seems even more exceptional. There's news on Orange-bellied Parrots, Grey-breasted Parakeets, and others. There's an update on the vulnerable Timneh parrot, a call for volunteers to help Black Cockatoos in Australia and an article on having a 'trust account' with your companion parrot - a great idea if ever there was one. There's Think Parrots for 2015 and Avian Discovery Tours, an opportunity to see will birds. And support from one of our most committed advocates, Mark Hagen - in aid of some of the rarest macaws, the Great Greens.

Happy reading!

Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Timneh Parrot Project

Many hands help protect species

Heavy trapping for trade and habitat loss are affecting the Timneh Parrot (Psittacus timneh) in many parts of West Africa. In early 2013, after receiving a report of a confiscation of the parrots in Guinea the WPT set to work building a partnership with local, regional and international organisations and funders in an effort to stop the rapid decline of the species.

A main WPT funder, SOS (Save Our Species), is a global coalition begun by the three founding partners IUCN, Global Environment Fund and World Bank to build the largest species conservation fund, supporting field projects around the globe. SOS is supporting the Timneh project, and has provided an update on the happenings with the work to date.

Visit the website »

Species Profile:

Ruppell's Parrot

Genus: Poicephalus
Species: ruppellii

World Population: About 9000
Range: Found in SW Africa - Angola and SW Namibia.
Habitat: Found in woodlands along dried riverbeds, dry woodlands, dry steppe and thornveld, areas with tall trees up to 1250m (4100 ft).
Ecology: These birds generally stay near water, in small flocks up to 20 birds, and in greater numbers where food plentiful. Breeding may be more linked to rainfall than season. This parrot eats various parts of plants and fruits - buds, shoots, nectar, flowers, seeds, pods, melon, and insect larvae.
Threat Summary: Heavy trapping in wild bird trade, restricted range.
IUCN/CITES Listings: Least Concern, Appendix II

More about Ruppell's Parrot »

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre

Call for volunteers to help with parrot rehabilitation

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre is a non-profit conservation organisation with a focus on saving the black cockatoos of Australia.

The Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre was established in 2008, and there they rehabilitate cockatoos that have been shot, hit by cars, fallen out of nests or attacked by other animals. They are very busy at their site in the Perth Hills - and they are in need of extra help. If you live in the Perth area and have experience with the clinical care of birds, particularly parrots, then the centre could use you - especially veterinary technicians or students with a yen for wildlife experience. The centre will provide training but some prior experience is essential. Clinic volunteers must commit to a regular 4-hour shift (or more if desired) on the same day each week.

If you would like to gain experience in cockatoo rehabilitation, contact Rachel (Avian Management Officer) at

Visit their website »

Think Parrots 2015

Yearly event aimed at dedicated companion bird owners

Think ParrotsWPT will once again be at the Think Parrots event, June 21st at Kempton Race Course, Middlesex, UK. The annual experience is a must-do for all concerned and caring parrot caregivers with an ambition to give the very best to their birds. Classes given include: 'Correct parrot diets', given by International vet, Neil Forbes FRCVS, 'Advancements in training', together with a display of free-flying birds by Mike Simmons, and Mark Hagen, of Rolf C. Hagen (Canada), will be giving his class on the 'Early development and education of parrots'. Retailer Northern Parrots is again sponsoring Think Parrots and will be displaying its great range of products. There's something here for all parrots great and small, and caregivers too.

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In the News

Parrot Headlines

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Hayle's Paradise Park welcomes endangered species »

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2015 PsittaScene - Spring Issue


Test Your Parrot IQ

Who Am I?
This parrot is found throughout Indonesia.
What is it?

Who Am I?
This Australian parrot
is Endangered in the
wild. Name it.

Who Am I?
Introduced populations of
this species can be found
in Singapore. What is it?

Who Am I?
This parrot lines its nest
with wood and chewed
leaves. Name it.

Who Am I?
This parrot feeds on Ficus species fruits. What is it?

(Click photos above for
the answers.)

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Does Your Parrot Have a Trust Account?

By Steve Martin, Natural Encounters, Inc.

Companion bird caregivers sometimes run into behaviour issues with their charges. In this article professional trainer Steve Martin addresses the idea of a 'trust account' - a kind of deposit-withdrawal concept where positivity grows confidence between a parrot and its owner.

Read the article (PDF) »

Avian Discovery Tours

Supporting parrots through tourism

Videographer and tour guide Don Kimball has a long history of searching the skies for birds. Kimball, a life-long birder and wildlife researcher from New Brunswick, Canada, has been a steadfast contributor to the science and study of birds for four decades. Along the way he has released a splendid 4-DVD set entitled Discovering the World of Parrots, featuring the diverse parrot species of Australia, and formed the adventure company Avian Discovery Tours. The mission of the enterprise is "to guide you on the birding trip of your dreams. We specialize in tours designed to provide you with optimum views of your favorite species, all the while sharing your adventures with a small group of others."

This autumn they're off on a tour again: a thrilling 16-day parrot lover's dream tour to see over half of Australia's parrot species! From flocks of budgies to cockatoos, parrots are everywhere here. The tour will run from Sep 19 - Oct 4, 2015. They encourage you to book early, as the limit is 8 participants.

Avian Discovery Tours support parrot conservation in the wild through their association with the World Parrot Trust, with a percentage of the tour cost donated directly to WPT.

For further information contact Don Kimball at, visit their website at, or phone 1-800-707-2896.

Events and Other Good Things

Creative people supporting parrots

The WPT and the Ara Project are grateful to Mark Hagen, Director of Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) in Canada, for his continued contributions to parrot conservation! Mark and his wife recently visited The Ara Project in Punta Islita, Costa Rica, bringing with him suitcases full of parrot food and vitamins. In addition to the HARI products, he also donated a much-needed $5,000 to assist with the project's vital work.

A hearty thanks to Mark Hagen! Click here to watch a video blog of their trip.

Parrot Lover's Cruise - Western Caribbean
Welcome to the 7th Annual Parrot Lover's Cruise, one of the most spectacular cruises for parrot enthusiasts. Leave your worries behind and relax as you join us to discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world. Educate yourself with onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call where you may get a chance to see wild parrots!

Date: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2015
Carol Cipriano
Phone: 1.570.470.5006
Learn more:

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