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Special Invitation

Dear Faithful Reader and Partner:
I am certainly honored that you have allowed me to share through the “Uniquely Missions Minded” blog some special insights of my missionary burden across these many months we have been together.  I have often cried, in happiness and sadness, as words flowed from my soul over to your computer screen, then on into your heart (and finally into your prayer closet, hopefully).  Thank you.
Now, because my vision is expanding on to broader horizons and deep dimensions in God’s plan, I am moving over to a brand new venue of partnership communication called “MissionaryMusings”
(www.missionarymusing.com) . This new and innovative blog is designed to better connect this missionary with you (again, thank you for your prayerful support!). 
While my personal email will always be available to you (jblambeth@gmail.com), one of the new blog features will be an active comment section.  Please chime in!   We will also offer, firsthand, special guest posts and even an exclusive (mini) book or two!   Of course, since we cannot do everything at one time, we are counting on your suggestions to better focus our new joint channel.   
Hopefully, as I share from a unique perspective, “Missionary Musings” (www.missionarymusings.com) will make a positive difference in how you understand spiritual concepts such as faith, miracles, intercessory prayers, etc.  I am sure you will be excited (and perhaps provoked) by what you read on the new blog. 
More important than your donations (welcome!), I would appreciate your help to increase our mailing list: please feel free to share/forward this invitation with your extended family and friends!  
Above all, I am counting on your prayers on our behalf. 
So, please join me at www.missionarymusings.com as we both adventure into new spiritual dimensions. 
John “Brad” Lambeth
Missionary Musings

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