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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Welcome to the Jing Daily WeChat Edition

Dear WeChaters, 
This week, we report on why Japan posted the largest number of WeChat payment transactions for last week’s Golden Week holiday. From there, we explore what’s behind the most profitable fashion media brand in China — GQ Lab, and how beauty brands like Benefit are tackling one-to-one marketing with WeChat. And finally, we look into how best to prepare for Double 11 on WeChat. Enjoy!  


—What's New—

The latest WeChat news gathered from top sources

 golden week 

Japan posted the largest number of WeChat payment transactions during the weeklong holiday, followed by Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Australia, and Singapore, the company said in a report.
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 market tension 

Brand and IP associations have used the comment period for the next USTR Notorious Markets List to call for the inclusion of WeChat. The calls come at a time of heightened tension between the U.S. government and Chinese tech companies
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 travel retail 
GlobuyX targets Chinese outbound tourists across sales channels, airports, and retailers and is an extension of Extra-Aile Media’s original Globuy WeChat account. The platform offers price and currency exchange comparisons, store and brand promotional activity, and shopping lists. For retailer partners, it offers discount coupons related to particular destinations and stores. The WeChat Mini Program GlobuyX has registered more than CNY100 million (US$14 million) in transaction value since its first pre-order in May 2018 (to 15 September 2019).
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—The Campaign—

Recent noteworthy campaigns & case studies on WeChat Wiki

fashion media
The secret behind the most profitable fashion media in China — GQ Lab
GQ Lab, the sponsored content engine of GQ China, proves that it’s not only possible for a traditional fashion publication to exist in today’s digital media world, but it’s also possible to thrive. In 2018, the WeChat-only account collaborated with over 200 brands, published 280 articles, with nearly $7 million USD (RMB 50 million) in revenue. According to an insider who wishes to remain anonymous, GQ Lab’s advertising revenue has made up close to half of Condé Nast China’s yearly revenue, in essence, becoming the bread and butter of the entire media group.
GQ Lab frequently collaborates with high profile luxury players, such as Ferragamo, Net-A-Porter, and Ferrari, as well as a wide range of advertisers from Tencent’s WeChat to China Airlines to Volvo. Their most noteworthy collaboration in 2019 was taking over Louis Vuitton’s WeChat and Weibo accounts – GQ Lab produced a post that matched Louis Vuitton sneakers with various millennials’ nightlife styles.
The post quickly amassed 10,000 page views and attracted a great deal of media buzz, its real-life portrayal and playful tone — a rare move for a luxury brand — has refreshed Louis Vuitton’s imagine in China once again.
Our Take
Here, we’ve summarized four key elements of its winning approach based on content generated from Chinese media and conversations with industry insiders.
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Combine SMS text messaging, Facebook’s newsfeed, the shopping capabilities of Amazon, mobile banking and Uber-style ride-hailing, and you get WeChat — which has become an invaluable tool for beauty brands.
Benefit Cosmetics joined WeChat in 2014, attempting to leverage the brand as a “broadcasting” channel for a mass audience. “To date, Benefit has approximately 500,000 people following its WeChat account,” said Lisa Li, Benefit Cosmetics’ director of global marketing. In January 2017, WeChat introduced its Mini Program initiative, which is similar to the app store for Android or iPhone users. Mini Programs allow brands to customize their presence on the app, including embedded e-commerce capabilities and other functionalities like booking a service. This allows the company to ensure WeChat is a holistic ecosystem, instead of directing users to mobile-optimized websites outside of the app.
Though WeChat is not a significant driver of sales for Benefit, nearly 95% of all Benefit brow wax services in China are now booked through WeChat. 
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—Deep Dive—

Must-read, in-depth guides, tutorials & reports

 double 11 prep 
The Double 11 promotion starts on October 20th, 10 days earlier than last year. We expect a good fight between Pinduoduo and Alibaba. Other than getting ready on Tmall, Pinduoduo, and JD, here are a few WeChat marketing tips for your Double 11 preparation from the WeChat agency Walkthechat.
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