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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Welcome to the Jing Daily WeChat Edition

Dear WeChaters, 
This week, we check out Dior’s new Christmas WeChat Mini Program and their successful Christmas tree lighting ceremony at their Plaza 66 shopping mall boutique. From there, we head to Egypt and explore a new collaboration between the ancient country and Ctrip to bring more Chinese outbound tourists there. And finally, we say goodbye to Kuniao, the popular Chinese web browser, which had advertised itself as the first legal tool to allow mainland internet users to bypass the Great Firewall. Enjoy! 


—What's New—

The latest WeChat news gathered from top sources

The Chinese web browser, Kuniao, which had advertised itself as the first legal tool to allow mainland internet users to bypass the Great Firewall, has disappeared from the Internet in China after attracting widespread social media attention. Internet users on the mainland can no longer access the browser’s download page or access Weibo and WeChat official accounts on Kuniao, which had marketed itself as allowing Chinese Internet users to access Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit with a single click.
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 Ancient Egypt 
Egyptian Tourism Minister, Rania al-Mashat, recently met with Jane Sun, the CEO of the largest online travel agency in China, Ctrip, as part of the ministry’s interest in getting far more Chinese outbound tourists to visit Egypt. They discussed the creation of specialized tourism websites and social networking sites in China, especially Ctrip, Wechat, and Baidu.
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Almost 700 Chinese nationals have been detained in Malaysia after the Immigration Department raided the call center of a suspected online scam syndicate based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The national news agency, Bernama, described the raid, which was carried out on Wednesday, as the largest this year. In addition to the 680 Chinese detained, a further 100 people escaped, as immigration officers approached the six-story building thought to house the call center.
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—The Campaign—

Recent noteworthy campaigns & case studies on WeChat Wiki

On November 22, Dior held a festive Christmas tree lighting ceremonyat the Plaza 66 shopping mall, in Shanghai, for the release of its 2020 early spring clothing and accessories series.  
—The Christmas tree lighting ceremony was inspired by Dior's early spring 2020 ready-to-wear clothing series, taking the African Baobab Tree (BAOBAB) as a creative prototype, echoing the ingenuity of the early spring ready-to-wear design. 
—Dior’s China brand ambassador, Yang Ying, Dior’s fragrance ambassador, Huang Jingyu, and the young actor Miao Miao were present and decked out in Dior. 
—The Dior Christmas tree will continue to shine brightly until January 2, 2020. 
Dior’s Christmas tree received  some 48 thousand visitors the first week alone.   
Our Take
The Dior Christmas tree lightingceremony was overall very successful, especially with social media engagement. Additionally, the Christmas tree will continue to be a popular check-in spot for the next month, which is always great to drive more foot traffic to Dior’s boutique. 
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 season's greeting 
Dior creates a seasonal Christmas WeChat Mini Program.
— The first part of Dior’s Mini Program is a small interactive game, asking the user to find the hidden design elements in the illustration. 
—The second part of the Mini Program is an invitation for the user to visit Dior’s boutique at the Plaza 66 shopping mall, where they can also participate in offline activities.
Our Take: 
Overall, the Dior Mini Program was well-designed and offered an engaging way to reach its audience.
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—Deep Dive—

Must-read, in-depth guides, tutorials & reports

 WECHAT Mini Program exceeds 300 milliion 
On November 13, Tencent announced the unaudited consolidated results for the third quarter ending September 30, 2019. During this period, the combined MAU of Weixin and WeChat was 1,151 million, up 6% year-on-year, and the DAU of the Mini Programs exceeded 300 million.
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—System Update—

Stay on top of WeChat's evolution

System Update provided by Michele Mascolo, Marketing Manager at IT Consultis.

WeChat has launched a new advertisement option for merchants that do not have the ability to display their ads to WeChat user’s located within 3 km radius from their stores. These new “local” advertisements are displayed in the Moments Ad stream. According to official sources, this version of Moments Ads was specifically created to serve smaller merchants, who will now be able to attract people within 3 km, or even 5 km, if the area does not have many WeChat users. Compared to other WeChat advertisement options, the fees are quite low, starting at 2000 RMB for a 30 day plan. 

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