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Fitness and Nutrition Updates for 2020

By: Jackie Wright

As we make our way into 2020, a few fitness and nutrition updates seemed prudent so we begin our year with cutting edge research and information.  Knowledge is power and all of this information is included in the January-February 2020 Fitness Journal (IDEA Health & Fitness Association).  This organization is a consumer-based resource which provides the most recent fitness and nutrition research.  If you would like to check out the incredible volume of accurate information, you may visit their website at
-A recent study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, indicates that whether the athlete consumes a “vegan, lacto-ovo-vegetarian or omnivore diet with similar caloric intake”, they “can thrive during a sweat session--as long as they get the overall nutrition needed to sustain training”.
-Do you suffer from migraines?  A study published in The American Journal of Medicine indicates that there may be an association between consuming more than three caffeinated beverages/day and an increase in “same-day migraines” for this group.  Researchers are still attempting to determine what the link of this trigger may be, but if you are prone, you may want to limit your intake to two or fewer of these beverages.
-Did you know that 39.8 percent of the American population is obese (42.8% of adults between the ages of 40-59; 20.6 percent of adolescents ages 12-19 and 18.4 percent of youth ages 6-11 (Hales et al. 2017)?  However, including resistance exercise in a well-designed exercise program, “increases your lean body mass while shrinking fat mass (Strasser & Schobersberger 2011).  Muscle mass is more metabolically active than fat mass; therefore, those with healthy body compositions tend to expend more calories, even when at rest, than those with an unfavorable body composition.
-Schoenfeld, Ogbrn & Krieger 2017 also indicate that there is a “clear relationship between the number of sets you do and hypertrophy…”.  “In counting weekly sets per muscle group, the researchers found that significant muscle growth occurred by performing 5-10 sets of each exercise per muscle group/week.
-Do you take supplements?  A recent study at Tufts University, “analyzed data from 30,899 U.S. adults and then followed the subjects for a median of 6 years.  Their finding:  Eating adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals from food was associated with fewer deaths from diseases like cancer, whereas input of vitamins and minerals from supplements had no protective effect”.


-Michael Pollen’s famous quote, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” which leads to the potential benefits for those with heart disease (reducing death from the disease) and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. May reduce the cost of buying groceries, and reduced weight gain and increase in certain antioxidants.
-The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), published their position statement in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 33 (8), 2019-52 and here are the guidelines for resistance training for older adults, “with proper instruction and spotting to ensure correct exercise technique”, Fraga et al. “suggest that program design should follow an individualized, periodized progression while observing these overarching guidelines”.  “Incorporate resistance training 2-3 times/week; strive to complete 2-3 sets per major muscle group…” and, include exercises which train all major muscle groups of the body.
Standing Hip Extension
By:           Jackie Wright

The Standing Hip Extension exercise is an excellent exercise which targets the gluteus maximus/hamstrings as primary movers and the hip abductors/adductors and nose to toes core as stabilizers.  When performed on a cable/pulley system (i.e. selectorized equipment) slowly and controlled, the gluteus maximus is able to move the femur through a full a complete hip extension range of motion.  And, the supporting hip abductors/adductors on the non-working side, must significantly stabilize the entire body to prevent unwanted motion. 
A great addition to most training programs particularly winter sports!

Perform two to three sets of 8-12 repetitions of this exercise, two-three times/week on non-consecutive days.  *Tip - remember never to throw the leg back using momentum as you may observe by some exercises.  Ignore those unsafe/poor technique versions and stick with the plan below for outstanding results!
Standing Hip Extensions – Matrix - place the cable/pulley at the lowest setting on the column, place the black Velcro cuff on the carabineer and choose a moderate weight on the weight stack.  Stand facing the Matrix, holding onto the vertical column (not the cable/pulley column) with both hands, hinge approximately 10-15 degrees from the hip joint and maintain an elongated torso, supporting knee relaxed throughout.  Engaging the glutes/hamstrings (buttocks and back of upper thigh), extend the hip moving the leg behind the body approximately 20-30 degrees.  Keep the knee of the working side flexed enough so that when you press back and return to parallel to the opposite thigh, you do not touch the floor with the working side foot.  No movement in the torso (i.e. do not lean forward and back as the leg moves—the only body part moving should be the working side leg at the hip joint).  *Trains the glutes/hamstrings and nose to toes core.
Leslie Larkins
Leslie Larkins
By:           Carin Aichele

Leslie Larkins has been consistently training with Jackie for two years! When asked why she chose to join Mountain Life Fitness and begin a dedicated personal training regimen, she shared that she was feeling the impacts of getting older and couldn’t get her saddle on her horse.  Being a competitive reigned cow horse rider, this was clearly an issue. She says she had never joined a gym in her life and felt intimidated and “didn’t know what to do with the stuff on the fitness floor.”
Leslie’s personal training schedule consists of two sessions per week made up of one Pilates reformer session and one strength training circuit session. At this time she chooses not to take her circuit programs onto the fitness floor solo as she most appreciates the accountability and quality of safety and attention to proper form she receives directly with Jackie. She says “Jackie is always cueing necessary adjustments…” and we laughed that even when Jackie is on the floor doing the same exercise that we are, she magically sees if a minor adjustment is in order.
“Leslie came to MLF almost exactly two years ago this week.  The progress that she has achieved in this period of time is remarkable.  There have been many challenges. However, Leslie has persevered through, then conquered each one, by taking one step at a time, being patient with the process and is now one of our fittest, healthiest clients!  She is a pleasure to train and I look forward to being a part of her continued progress and success—amazing job Leslie—you are an inspiration! 
~ Jackie
Of the setbacks that Leslie has overcome with Jackie’s support, the most recent was a severe sprained ankle. She was riding her husband’s horse and had mentally noted that the stirrups were a bit short for her. She cued the horse to complete a sliding stop but the horse attempted to complete a roll back (a sliding stop followed by turning around 180 degrees). When Leslie jammed her foot into the stirrup to correct the miscommunication, she heard a loud snap.  Upon getting off the horse and walking to the car she says she had a tennis ball-sized ankle! While full recovery and business as usual with her training took 6-8 months, Leslie was inspired by Jackie when after 3 weeks they started training again with a focus upon core strength. Leslie says of her reigned cow horse competition riding “It’s Fast!!! You need a strong core to stay on your horse.”  Dedicated as she is, Leslie works simultaneously with two horse trainers. She shared that the one in Florida that she doesn’t work with as often, after having spent dedicated time with Jackie working on her core strength, exclaimed, “what have you been doing?” Her Florida trainer could see the slight difference in Leslie’s posture and stability on her horse. Leslie laughed saying “core strength on a horse is critical; otherwise you’re a dirt dart!”

When Leslie had her initial consultation with Jackie her goals were to improve her balance and strength. Leslie shared that in 2000 she had a brain tumor removed that had caused significant impact to her balance. I asked Leslie if she had to rate herself on a scale of 1-10 on where she is today as a result of personal training and working out at MLF, she honestly shared that she is at an 8. She says that 10 out of 10 is certainly possible but would mean doing more independently on the fitness floor. She is a regular in classes and dedicated to her personal training and shies away from solo training as she simply loves the upbeat motivation, camaraderie, and even that little bit of competitive or inspiring edge of watching others in class push themselves or take it to the next level.
Of MLF in general and the value of personal training, Leslie says she never thought she would like going to the gym…she would consider the idea of a gym and wonder “who likes it?” Today, she confidently declares “Personal training helps” and feels “it would benefit anyone.” She appreciates that Mountain Life Fitness is a unique fitness facility offering the intimacy of being small and knowing people on a personal level, she likes that we have everything from a fitness floor, a group ex room, our upstairs intimate training area, awesome locker rooms, The Blend and more.
She says, “I love it! The classes, the intimacy of the club. If I can do it you can do it too!”
We are happy to have you as a dedicated convert Leslie! 
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