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Channel Islands Motorboat Surfboard
Channel Islands Motorboat Surfboard
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Rob Machado wanted to bridge the gap between his Biscuit and Gravy; the Motorboat does just that. Low entry rocker along with single to double concave with vee, make this board really motor.
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'4
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'4
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'2 Surfboard
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'2
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'8 Surfboard
Channel Islands Motorboat 5'8
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South Africa + Jordy Smith + Blake Kueney
Blake, previously a Surf Ride intern / filmer has found his niche; filming. Now working with Red Bull, Blake is on location in South Africa bagging clips of Jordy Smith, Damien Fahrenfort and Craig Anderson. Good job bru. Blake sent us some imagery. Check it.
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Jordy Smith + Red Bull Nightshift
"There's not much more that I could ask for. To come home to all my best friends, out there surfing having fun, going out there, doing something you love and having the crowd cheer you on."
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Josh Kerr - From the Cutting Room Floor
"After being in bali for 3 months we accumulated a fair amount of clips.. here's what didn't make the cut for the Bali section. The Kerrazy Kronicles is due to be released around March/ April With Waves Magazine." -Josh Kerr
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