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Welcome to 2012!


The celebrations have ended and we're now covered in snow, but 2012 is already off to an amazing start. There are events planned, reunions underway, and productivity abounding. 

In this issue of the Camraderie Connection:
  • Something big from the coworking world
  • Startup Canada
  • Our new website
  • Contract job available
  • In case you missed it
  • Events
  • Until next time...


Something big from the coworking world

We are only one coworking facility here in Toronto. Some others have been around a while, and a few are brand new this past year. Together we formed Coworking Toronto so that we can help to raise the profile of coworking across the city, and showcase the very unique differences between the various spaces across the city. You'll see us at tradeshows, events, speaking engagements, and (hopefully) in the media. Coworking is one of the next phases in future of work, and we're ready for it.

We've got something HUGE in the works. We plan to launch it Feb 1, and announce just before that, and we can't wait to tell you about it. Stay tuned to this newsletter or connect with us in various ways (like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or encircle us on Google+) to get the goods when we're ready to announce it.

Startup Canada

Startup Canada  is a national, entrepreneur-led, grassroots initiative to advance entrepreneurship in Canada. They are building a national ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups, and are looking for additional partners on the local and national scale. Contact them if you are an organisation that can contribute.

Our new website

With the start of the new year came the launch of our new website. Have you seen it? The best part was that we collaborated with one of our members, Andrew White, adding his own style while fully understanding what we were hoping for. 

Our member section is still under construction, but we encourage you to visit and let us know what you think!

Contract job available

We're looking to work with a grant writer to help with some projects. If you are familiar with coworking as well as Canadian business grants from both the private and public sector, please get in touch! We'd want you to work from our space (complimentary, of course) a few times to start the process, but otherwise you can do the reesarch and writing from anywhere. 

Until next time...

A new portable beverage product was thought of, designed, tested, and marketed from a coworking facility. What are you working on? And how can a group of unrelated but like-minded folks help you push your ideas forward?



Geek Yoga 2 (afternoon) - with Ailidh Briar 
hosted by Camaraderie
Jan 30, 1:00pm
Camaraderie boardroom
$16 or $26 with coworking drop-in

Geek Yoga 3 (evening) - with Ailidh Briar 
hosted by Camaraderie
Feb 8, 6:30pm
Camaraderie boardroom
$16 or $26 with coworking drop-in 

Sprout Up January
hosted by Sprouter 
Jan 31, 6:00pm
The Courthouse

Your Privacy Matters - Part I
hosted by Rachel Young
Feb 9, 6:00pm
Camaraderie boardroom

Boardgame night!
hosted by Camaraderie
Feb 16,  6:00pm
Camaraderie boardroom
free! (bring some snacks)

49 Pixels Live
hosted by 49 Pixels 
every Tue
Camaraderie boardroom
listen online

In case you missed it

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