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at Camaraderie
  • Jul 5, 10:00am, $5
  • a day of coworking for just $5

Social Media Classes
a 5part series at Camaraderie 
  • starts Jul 9, 12:00pm

Grow Your Business Using E-mail Marketing and Social Media
at Camaraderie 
Skilltree Event: DIY Shower Products
at Camaraderie 
Camaraderie Mixer!
a monthly event at Camaraderie 

Summer grillin' and chillin'
Some people can't get enough of the grill, the lounge chair, or the air conditioner in the summer time. While we don't have a grill, we do have some fairly comfortable lounge chairs, and we not only have a/c but often also have some hand made iced tea or freezer pops on hand. That's summer at Camaraderie!

In this issue:
  • new membership level
  • payment by Square
  • referal program
  • member profile
  • Skilltree Toronto 
  • event spotlight: [re]Launch Party recap
  • in case you missed it...
  • event listings
new membership level 
We rejigged our membership levels and are happy to announce we've introduced a new level: Lite members can have 5days in the space for $100. This new membership level includes everything else a regular member gets: invitation to join our internal social network, boardroom time, ability to book the space afterhours for events at a reduced rate, natural networking, listing on our website, etc.

First and last is still required when starting a membership, and there's still the flexibility of going month to month after that.

We also increased the Part Time membership level to 12days a month and it's reflected in the new rate of $225. Another change is that any membership level (from Lite to Full Time) can rent a 2drawer filing cabinet for $25/mo.

If you're looking for a way to experience a membership Camaraderie, we've got some great ways to get started. Schedule a tour with Rachel (

payment by Square
We're always excited by new technology, but nothing has come close to enabling small businesses like Square (and now other companies like it in recent months). It's a credit card reader that plugs in to the headphone jack of any Android or Apple device and can process credit cards anywhere  there's wifi or a data connection.
The device is free and the app is free. There's a small fee per transaction, and that's it. The customer signs using their finger, the receipt can be e-mailed or sent by text message, and the funds are deposited in the bank the next day. It's not specific to any one device, so even one of our members borrowed ours to process a payment.

This is quite a revolutionary device that disrupts the  credit card industry in favour of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and we're happy to now be accepting payments by credit card using it.

referral program
Word of mouth really is the best way to reach new prospects, and when it comes to coworking, it’s absolutely ideal. What better way to hear about how beneficial a coworking space is than to hear it straight from someone who already works there?

We also launched a referral program. It rewards members with a discount on future invoices if they bring in a new Part Time or Full Time member to receive 10 or 20%, respectively, for their next TWO invoices. 

See more info on our blog post.

member profile: James Standen of nModal Solutions
We haven't done a member profile in a while, so we thought we'd restart this awesome showcase with a video.

Here's James Standen of NModal Solutions:

(video not working in your e-mail? watch it with this link:

Skilltree Toronto
One of our members launched her company on Fri. Angela Bepple has been working on developing a skills training platform, and she launched with two upcoming classes and some other classes in the works yet to be announced. It's a community-curated educational centre where Torontonians can take classes on their favourite hobbies, practice and develop their skills, and learn more about history, business, or cool trivia.

Classes are held right here at Camaraderie!

For more info, see Skilltree Toronto.

event spotlight: [re]Launch Party
Just like every apartment needs a housewarming party, when we moved we needed a relaunch party! On May 14, the date of our regular monthly mixer, we had our relaunch party. We had friends, family, current members, prospective members, clients of our members, alumni members, and neighbours come by for a drink, a toast, and some camaraderie.

Thank you to everyone who came out. Thank you to our sponsors NewPath Technologies and FreshBooks. And thank you to the few people who stuck around at the end to help clean up. 

It was a great night! And in case you missed it, we'll have an expansion party later this year and you can always come out to our monthly mixers (see the event panel for details)

Until next time...
"Lots of people are going to get in your way. There will be others who will think you’re crazy for giving up the job, or taking the risk and taking on the big, bad competition, whoever that is. You’ve got to kind of stay the course, and not listen to the naysayers.”
- Jeff Dennis

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