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Lagom #8 is out now, and our back issues are on sale

Hi <<First Name>>! We’re happy to say that Lagom #8 is now available to purchase online at and from shops all over the world over the coming days. And, to celebrate the release of our eighth issue, we’ve put all of our back issues on sale: you can now buy Lagom #2 – #7 at 80% of their original price. (See what we did there?)
It doesn’t look like you’re currently subscribed! 
So that means you’re not due to receive Lagom #8. But fret not, because you can easily start a new subscription today. And, now that subscriptions are charged per-issue, it’s actually a better option than buying a single issue from us! Read more on our FAQ. (Think we’re wrong about your subscription status? Just reply to this email and we’ll sort it.)
A 300g, foil-blocked, soft-laminated cover — and it smells great, too! We’ve also bumped up the page count to 132 to bring you a substantially thicker issue.
Coffee and architecture at Kokko, Stavanger — read the story online
Surfing around LA with photographer Caleb Thal
Haenke’s botanical lab in Prague
Lagom × Vifa
A frangipane recipe from Lima
We’re proud of all of our issues, but this one has really hit the spot for us, and we hope you feel the same when you get your copy.

A subscription now costs the same as a single issue, so if you’d like to buy Lagom #8, please consider a subscription. You won’t get charged again until the next edition is released in October — and, of course, you can cancel at any time. 
Want to know more? Just hit ‘reply’ and we’ll talk you through it!

Very warm wishes from Bristol,

Sam & Elliot
Founders of Lagom
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