International Women’s Day 2018
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A special edition of The Lagom Digest

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10 inspiring women from the pages of Lagom

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, we’ve collated 10 stories from the Lagom archives, each showcasing an inspiring and creative woman. From visual artists to musicians, entrepreneurs to bakers, these stories celebrate the amazing women we’ve featured in our printed pages and on our website.

Sustaining Style

Trends in fashion are ever changing, and consumers are encouraged to transform their wardrobes season by season. For Lizzie Harrison— founder of sustainable fashion company Antiform — the model of the fashion industry is damaging for business, society, and the environment.

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This Is The Kit: Living in Harmony

We spoke to Kate Stables of This Is The Kit — who at the end of 2017 released the breakthrough album ‘Moonshine Freeze’ — about how balance pervades every aspect of her life, from creative productivity, to home life, and social responsibility.

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Trading Places

Powered by the wind and aided by the latest information technology, New Dawn Traders take cargo shipping back to its roots, as founder Alexandra Geldenhuys explains, by transporting rum and chocolate around the world in a traditional sail ship.

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Artist Spotlight: Hilla Shamia

Tel Aviv-based artist Hilla Shamia’s unique furniture collection is one of contrasts: combining wood and aluminium, she preserves the natural imperfections of the wood and the industrial precision of the aluminium. Here she explains the process and thought behind her work.

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My Craft: Gilly Seagrave of eka

What started as a side-project in between snowboarding soon grew to be a full-time earner for Gilly Seagrave of clothing accessory brand eka.

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Raising the Bar

Louisa Canham made a bold career move to set up her own company making soaps and lotions in response to the stresses of her career in clinical psychology. She shares her story with us.

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Creative workspace: Shyama Golden

We visited Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer Shyama Golden to find out more about her workspace and workflow.

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Artist profile: Pippa Dyrlaga

The practice of paper-cutting is something that requires patience, finesse and a steady hand. Artist Pippa Dyrlaga demonstrates all of these skills and so much more, as she elegantly manipulates an everyday commodity into a work of art. We cut to the chase with Pippa, as she explains the perks of her work and the challenges that arise when working as an independent maker.

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My Craft: Baker Emily Garland

Emily Garland works under the name Maid of Gingerbread, and is fast becoming known for her design-centric take on traditional gingerbread structures, drawing her inspiration from unlikely places such as central London coal plates, with stunning results.

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Artist Profile: Ariel Wilson

Long Beach-based illustrator Ariel Wilson talks about her work process, as well as how she uses art to help at risk youth in LA.

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