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2013 Island Tours & Activities
Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab are again offering hands-on science and history activities for visitors to South Bass Island. Explore the Aquatic Visitors Center, get a peek behind the scenes at Stone Lab, and discover the island's history at the South Bass Island Lighthouse.
  Tracking Viral Infection in Lake Erie Fish
In 2006, the first outbreak of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, or VHSv, in western Lake Erie left beaches littered with infected fish. Today, researchers at the University of Toledo have created a rapid and accurate diagnostic test for the virus.
  History and Science on the High Seas
Stone Lab has always offered hands-on science classes, but a collaboration with Niagara and Penn State universities is taking the adventure to a new level: an environmental science and policy course on a historical tall ship, the Brig Niagara.
  Aquatic Invasive Species Webinar Series
Water gardens are gaining popularity with many gardeners, but some species can have invasive tendencies that threaten the local ecology. Learn how to build an environmentally responsible garden in this free two-part webinar series.
Fishing for Change
Lake Erie supports a multi-million dollar fishing industry, but in the face of climate change, researchers are worried about the future of popular fish species like yellow perch and walleye. Dr. Stu Ludsin of Ohio State's Aquatic Ecology Lab offers insights into the potential effects of a changing climate on Lake Erie fish communities.
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Lake Erie Methane Sources
Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and one source of it isn't one we'd think of much: Lake Erie. Algal decomposition in low-oxygen conditions and natural gas drilling both release methane from below the water surface into the atmosphere, fueling global warming.
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2013 NOAA HABs Forecast from Stone Lab
Stone Lab will again host an event to explain NOAA’s second seasonal harmful algal bloom (HAB) forecast in the Great Lakes on July 2. The presentation, led by regional and national experts, will feature an on-the-water field experience for media, along with expert commentary and a brief overview of the history of this work on Lake Erie during a public webinar in the afternoon.
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