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Welcome Ohio Clean Boaters!

At one of Ohio’s many boating related events during the past, you pledged to be an Ohio Clean Boater. Through your stewardship and commitment, we can all be part of the solution to keep our waterways clean. Check out what’s happening below in the Spring 2017 Ohio Clean Boater Newsletter!


Where Can I Boat?
If you are looking for places to power boat, kayak, canoe or paddle board, check out Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Boating Interactive Map. The map will inform you of the types of boating available, amenities available, specific contact information and detailed locations to plan your next on the water adventure.

Where Can I Find a Clean Marina?
There are many ways to practice Clean Boating in Ohio, including supporting one of our many certified Ohio Clean Marinas. Check out the Great Lakes Clean Marinas Map to find one near you!

Do I need to register my kayak or jet ski? My trailer? What if I lost my registration or am visiting from out of state? Are there registration discounts for veterans? For new boating enthusiasts, as well as seasoned boaters, specific questions often arise about registration, titling and many other topics. If you have questions about registering your watercraft, click here for more information about your registration questions.


Ohio Boater Education Course

In Ohio, a boater education course is required for anyone wanting to operate a boat over 10 horsepower who was born after Jan. 1, 1982. Ohio’s boater requirement can be met by taking and passing an approved Ohio Boater Education Course (classroom, online or home study), or by taking and passing a proficiency exam. Learn more for a summary of Ohio’s regulations and available courses. 


It’s tempting not to wear a life jacket while on the water, especially on nice days. You want to get some sun, you think you’ll get too hot or you think you’re a strong swimmer. But whether you’re going fishing or just enjoying a ride on the boat, there’s never an excuse not to wear a life jacket. You can have a great time, while choosing to always wear a life jacket and boating responsibly. Read more about selecting the right life jacket and visit ODNR Watercraft's page to learn about Ohio’s life jacket requirements.



Paddle Ohio is an exciting program offered by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks & Watercraft. The purpose of Paddle Ohio is to promote paddling on Ohio’s state-designated wild, scenic and recreational rivers and water trails as well as to raise awareness on the importance of protecting Ohio’s highest quality rivers and streams.

Paddle on an eligible waterway, and you are part of the Paddle Ohio program. Participants who paddle four different waterways can receive a pin commemorating the program. When we receive your 4 trip reports, we'll send you an official Paddle Ohio pin. Click here for more information. 



Clean Boater Corner

Safe boating and clean boating go hand-in-hand. Are you aware of the many clean boating tips and tricks to help boaters keep their boats and waters clean? The Be a Good Boating Steward tip card from the Great Lakes Clean Marina Network is a great place to start. 

The BoatUs Foundation also offers a free course to show you the simple steps you can take to reduce the impact of boating activities on our waterways. Their Clean Boating Course gives loads of great tips on fueling, maintenance, sewage and waste disposal, invasive species, sustainable fishing and boating ecosystem.

Shrink Wrap Recycling

Does your marina recycle shrink wrap or are you looking for a place to recycle your boat shrink wrap? Consider participating in the Dr. Shrink Recycling Run Program or contact your local recycling center to see if they accept the material. By carefully removing the wrap, you can reuse it next season or re-purpose to use as landscape fabric, for putting under your boat during maintenance activities, winter covering for furniture or plants, tie down for trailer or covering stacks of firewood. Have you considered investing in a tarp? They can last up to 15 years and are cheaper in the long run and generate far less waste.

How to Recycle Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap recycling is one of many best boater practices. Follow these instructions to properly prepare your shrink wrap:

  1. Cut out and remove all nylon strapping
  2. Keep wrap as clean as possible and free of debris
  3. Bundle shrink wrap and tie for convenient storage
  4. Deliver bundle to designated marina and container

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Do Your Part to Stop the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

The Ohio Clean Marinas Program has produced a series of Clean Boater videos on tips to protect Ohio's waterways.

Watch our latest video to learn how you can prevent the spread of invasive species when boating!



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