The suffering of the Rohingya people is beyond our comprehension. They have lost absolutely everything, their homes, their belongings and their dignity.Click here to view this message in a browser window

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Nearly half a million people have arrived in Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar a month ago. In the makeshift refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, families are crying out for help. Some are carrying the bodies of deceased children, wrapped in filthy sheets.

Caked in mud, pregnant women are forced to sleep in the open air. A lucky few have found tents or constructed shelters, but the majority of people have no protection from the baking sun and driving rain.

A living hell

The ground has turned to slurry due to torrential rainfall. Children are wading barefoot through a mixture of mud and human faeces. Many have already developed skin conditions.

Elderly people, supporting their frail limbs on sticks, are being pushed to the back of every food distribution. They need rest and care, but instead are not even able to receive a hot meal or sit down comfortably.

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Rohingya refugees will die without your help

The suffering of the Rohingya people is beyond our comprehension. They have lost absolutely everything; their homes, their belongings and their dignity. It’s up to us to reach out in their hour of need.

We are targeting the most vulnerable people in Bangladesh’s refugee camps, but we can only continue this vital work with your help. Just £100 will buy an emergency parcel for a family of five, containing food, clean water and basic medical supplies. £250 will provide a tent to shelter up to ten people.

You can save a precious life today.

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