In the past fortnight, more than 900 innocent civilians have been killed in airstrikes, many of them children.Click here to view this message in a browser window

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In the past fortnight, more than 900 innocent civilians have been killed in airstrikes, many of them children. Over 5,600 people have been wounded and are in desperate need of the medical equipment that is still being cruelly blocked from entering the region.

The situation in Eastern Ghouta is worse than Aleppo, the bloody siege that made international headlines in 2016 when hundreds were left without access to food, fuel or emergency healthcare.

Even more deadly than Aleppo

Defenceless civilians in Eastern Ghouta have nowhere to run to escape the slaughter. They are exhausted, malnourished and losing hope. Terrified families have been hiding from the bombs in basements, without clean water or sanitation facilities. Some children did not see sunlight for 15 days.

Aid has finally begun to reach the besieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta after two weeks of intense violence. This is a positive step towards reducing the suffering of the 393,000 people trapped in the region, but many medical supplies are still prevented from reaching those in need.

Your donations are making a difference

Despite the incredibly difficult and dangerous circumstances, Human Appeal has provided 6,800 people with fresh bread and 4,300 people with cooked meals in Eastern Ghouta.

However, we need your help to protect more innocent lives. For just £65, you can keep a family of four well-fed for a whole month with a nutritious food parcel. For £100, you can provide a family with emergency food, clean water and medical care to lessen their terrible suffering.

You can save a precious life today.

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