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Today Is The Last Day

Become Stronger while Making Dreams Come True

Buy any Make-A-Wish e-book (there are 12 of them ranging from 9.99 to $39.99) and receive Jim Wendler's Training Templates Manual for FREE. 

Training Template's is one of the first manuals Jim ever wrote for elitefts and has become known as the best manual of basic, effective and simple training templates to date. This was published over a decade ago and hasn't been for sale for close to 5-6 years. With all the "internet confusion" we all felt it was time to bring simple back into training. 

If you would rather just buy the Training Templates manual you can do that as well for $30.00. 

ALL PROCEEDS from this campaign will be donated to Make-A-Wish, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana
*** This means every cent generated, not this $1.00 off each sale stuff we see all to often. 

Click Here To Pick This Up Today 

Question: What is the most popular MAW book?  
Answer: Programs That Work 3.2  followed by Programs that Work 3.1

Question: Can I just but the Training Templates Manual 
Answer: Yes,  just click and add product to cart 

Question: Will the Templates Manual be available after the first of the year? 
Answer: No, we will pull it off the site. We may add it back at a later time but this is undecided right now. If we do the price will increase 

"Dave, Thank You for bringing back the training templates manual. I used to keep this in my gym bag, it was there for years, it was my go to source when setting up my training cycles. I lost mine years ago or it just feel apart from all the rot in my bag. I jumped on this right away and after 10 years this book is just as awesome as it was before, maybe more so" - Richard Jackson 

"Another class act by elitefts and Jim Wendler! Great book supporting a great cause. I have donated to this every year and think this is the best book you have offered yet. I remember getting this with one of my band orders many years ago and it stayed in my gym bag for years. I can't count the number of times I used it for my own training but also clients I worked with. After several years I had to toss it out because it became so soiled in sweat, liniment, and other crap that lived in my bag, I wasn't able to open the pages without it ripping other pages apart. I think I threw the entire bag away with the book stuck to the floor of it. To see this offered up again took me all of three minutes to log on to the site and pick it up. Thank you for all you guys do for lifters and the community." 
- Brian Born

"It's always been amazing to me that in an industry full of BS you guys always step up at the end of the year and offer some of your best work - then donating all the money from it to Make-A-Wish. A breath of fresh air in an industry that needs it"
- Jenn

"With all you guys provide on the site for free - supporting this is easy for me and should be for everyone else who follows the site. For almost 20 years you all have been putting up QA's, Articles, Videos and other content to help others while never asking anything for it - meanwhile every week I see a new pay site pop up asking $10/month for information that stinks. I would support this even if the manual didn't  have one word of text in it. Keep up the great work and have a Happy New Year"
- Gregg Batson


Click Here To Pick This Up Today 


“When your baby is diagnosed with cancer – life changes. Suddenly you are confronted with the possibility that they won’t have ‘the rest of their lives’ to live out their hopes and dreams. You hope and you pray that they will, but you are also confronted with the frailty of life in a very real way. This is a rambling way of getting to my main point — how in the world do I thank someone who gives her something that I couldn’t? I mean, if she wanted a webkinz, I could and did get that for her. If she wanted pickles (or anything else for that matter!) at 11:30 p.m. in the hospital, her dad could and did do that. But for “Make-A Wish” to give her the opportunity to think of one thing she would love to do in her lifetime, and for elitefts™ to offer such a huge donation to make that happen… there just are no words to fully express the gratitude I have for them all. That is crazy love… I can’t think of another way to describe it. Every one of them has a special place in my heart. I will never forget their kindness to a little girl they had not even met when they agreed to give so generously.”
 –Mother of a sponsored child
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