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Setting Intentions - Keep It Simple

An intention doesn’t have to be fancy.  In fact, the most powerful intentions are often the simple ones. Why?  They feel doable.  We feel we can take that small step.  And when we experience success, we want to take another small step.  We feel inspired!  Before you know it, energy starts to shift.  It’s a lovely, positive cycle.
So go ahead.  Give it a try.  What’s your simple intention for today?
Here are a few examples:
* I see myself making a healthy choice today.
* I open myself to a good laugh today.
* I see myself calling a friend today.
Remember, there is no wrong way to set an intention.  But simple is good.
Ann Drew Yu
“Where intention goes, energy flows.”™

Ann is the creator of the Intention Box, a positive lifestyle tool that gives you an easy way to focus on a change you'd like to make, move it forward, and experience success.
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