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With a new academic year quickly approaching for many of us, we have a few tips and pointers that might help you out while revamping or getting a new class blog set up:

Here is our recently updated "Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Class Blog": 

Step 1 – Create A Class Blog

Step 2 -  Set Up Your Blogging Rules and Guidelines

Step 3 – Teaching Commenting Skills and Etiquette

Step 4 – Help Parents Connect With Your Class Blog

Step 5 – Add Students To Your Class Blog So They Can Write Posts

Step 6 – Add A Visitor Tracking Widget To Your Blog Sidebar

Step 7 – Setting Up Student blogs

Step 8 – Add your student blogs to your blogroll

Step 9 – Add Your Student Blogs To A Folder In Google Reader

But, why stop here! 

Edublogs Campus makes it even easier to set up and manage student blogs - and makes blogging available to entire schools and universities.

Please read our recent post, What Exactly is Edublogs Campus?, to learn more.

How about forwarding this email to your school administrator or technology coordinator to let them know about it?  You can also send us their contact information and we will be happy to get in touch to see about the possibility of bringing Campus to your school!



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