This month it’s your last chance ever to score one of the biggest perks included with our Black Friday sale.

BF may come around every year, but this specific part of the deal is really gone for good after this sale...

I’m talking about the $360/y free hosting add-on.

Since first introducing the Agency plan, members have had the luxury of using this bonus credit to host free sites on our platform.

However, due to upcoming changes to our platform (which you’ll know about really soon), the free hosting available with *new Agency plan signups will downsize to $120/y from next month - meaning 3X less free hosting.

*Existing Agency members will of course keep their hosting credits.

So if you’ve been considering switching hosts for any of your sites - now’s the time to do it.

And not just because it’s your last chance to score more credit... but because, when it comes to this BF deal, the free hosting is worth the price of admission alone.

Here are a few reasons why our hosting is up there with the best in WordPress.👇

-19,000+ sites currently host with us. Sites of all shapes, sizes, industries, and performance requirements. There’s a plan to fit them all.

-WPMU DEV is the #1 rated WP host on TrustPilot. At the time of writing this we’re sitting pretty with a near-perfect score of 4.9/5 from 1,843 reviews.

-We’ll migrate unlimited sites for you, completely free. No effort required, unless you’d prefer to do it yourself -- in that case -- we have a super-efficient manual tool you can use to migrate in minutes (depending on site size).

-$360 credit is enough to host 3 sites, year after year, on our Bronze plan. 90% of our users' sites use this plan, so you’re in good company. You can put the credit toward larger plans too.

-Speaking of company… WPMU DEV hosting is fully dedicated and compartmentalized, so you don't have to deal with server-neighbours hampering your performance and risking your own site's security if something goes wrong with theirs.

-Easy to white label and resell. If you’re a reseller, or looking to go down that road - our entire hosting platform can easily be branded and re-sold as your own. You’ll also have instant access to 24/7 support (including live chat) for yourself and your clients at every step.

-Free 7 day trial included. So you can make sure our hosting ticks all the boxes before locking-in anything.

To recap: 

...From next month on, only $120/y worth of WPMU DEV Hosting will be included with the Agency plan - and you’ll have to pay the full $990/y to get it.

...Lock in our Black Friday deal right now, and you’ll get access to the full $360/y free hosting, plus everything else the Agency plan offers - 50% off, for life.

...7-day free trial and full 30-day money back guarantee included.

Visit our Black Friday page for full details.


James Farmer

P.S. Half of the deals have already sold out! Get your hands on one now before the $360 free hosting disappears forever.

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