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A young man with outstretched arms in front of a police officer
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During a recent conference in Belgium on racial and ethnic profiling—which brought together police, policymakers, civil society organizations, and members of the community—two things were made clear. First, many law enforcement officers believe ethnic and racial profiling is wrong but feel powerless to stop it. Second, in order to move beyond awareness of the problem to actually solving it, policymakers and civil society groups must remain engaged, focused, and just as willing to support potential allies as they are to challenge dedicated foes. While initiatives to collect data on how officers treat citizens are essential, merely cataloging abuses is not enough. To combat this threat to the health of our communities, we must work together to ensure the benefits of equality and safety are truly enjoyed by all.


Disability Rights

Q&A: How Parents in Tajikistan Are Organizing for Their Children’s Rights

Children in a classroom reading
Slowly but surely, a coalition of groups dedicated to the rights of children with disabilities is changing the way Tajikistan’s political and social worlds think about disability—and how to support parents as well as kids.


Russia’s Mass Naturalization of Crimeans Has Had Very Unnatural Effects

A woman’s hand touching a passport
Russia’s campaign to impose nationality on the annexed territory has led to the sometimes violent suppression of ethnic identity, according to a new report.

Governance & Accountability

Mayors to the Rescue in Puerto Rico

Three people standing in the ruins of a house
Following a catastrophic hurricane and an inadequate government response, a group of mayors forged a connection to offer support, trade expertise, and together build a better future for Puerto Rico.


How Migrant Domestic Workers Fought Back

A woman holding a newborn baby
In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani follows domestic workers as they fight for their rights, safety, and well-being.

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