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iFarm Oregon is so much more than Oregon's only landlinking database for farmers.  We have a terrific assortment of new tools on our website, including resources for Financing/Lending, Spanish Speakers, Farmer Trainings, Job Listings and more. . . 

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Canola Update - It's Time to Act

Coordinated efforts between farmers and concerned citizens have effectively kept canola planting limited in the Willamette Valley for this year, but plans for a permanent ruling sought by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to expand planting starting in Spring 2013 are moving forward.  Fortunately, a permanent rule requires ODA to hold a public comment period and we're asking everyone to formally voice their concerns about the permanent rule between now and October 5, 2012. Here's what you can do! Bring yourself up to date on our work to keep canola out of the Willamette Vally (read here for details). To receive action alerts on the canola issue please contact Leah Rodgers, Field Director.  

Ag Census - Why Should YOU Participate? 

A Message to Farmers and Ranchers from our Executive Director, Michele Knaus 
I understand that telling the government a lot of personal and business details about your farm isn’t the first thing on most of our wish lists, but it is vitally important that this data be gathered.  The information that the Agricultural Census provides really does help to make a case for sustainable agriculture. All of the reports, grants, and speechifying that quote organic sales numbers, what percent of farms are owned by families, or how many young people are farming these days are most likely quoting numbers generated from the five-year agricultural census.  It’s been rough as an advocacy organization to make our case, for whatever we are trying to demonstrate, knowing that the numbers are outdated and that the Oregon agriculture scene has changed so much, let alone that some of our farmers aren’t even represented.  

If we all don’t share our information and get counted, terms like “hobby farmers” and percentages that are skewed will continue to be thrown around. Friends of Family Farmers and all the other agricultural non-profits in Oregon use the Ag Census information when we apply for grants for our programs and when we make a case to the state on behalf of sustainable agriculture.  Let’s represent.  If you haven’t done so already, please request the forms today and fill them out when them come.  Thanks!  

FoFF awarded Organic Advocate of the Year Award!

We are happy to announce that Friends of Family Farmers has been honored by the Oregon Organics Coalition with their 2012 Award for Excellence.  Awards were given to individuals and organizations in seven categories and FoFF was recognized for our work as an Organic Advocate (Organization).  Congratulations to Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds who won that award as an individual, and all the other farmers and businesses who were also honored.  Read the Oregonian article here>>

Events & Offerings

Mark your calendar now to save the date for these upcoming gatherings and opportunities.

Sept. 28 -- Public Hearing and Rally for Permanent Canola Rule 9:00 a.m. (Salem)
Oct. 8-10 -- OSU Fruit & Vegetable Products Processing Course (Corvallis)
Oct. 9 -- InFARMation (and Beer!)(Portland)
Oct. 11 -- FoFF Aid Music Benefit at the Someday Lounge (Portland)
Oct. 24 -- Food Day Oregon (State-wide events)
Nov. 3 -- Grow the Coast Small Farms Conference Save the Date! (Nehalem)
Nov. 10 -- Thrive Land Connection Workshop (Medford)
Nov. 30 - Oregon Agritourism Summit (Corvallis)
Feb. 11 - Family Farmer & Rancher Day at the Capitol Save the Date! (Salem)

Additional events can be viewed on our Community Calendar
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