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*Hello Neryl,

Welcome to the May 2013 issue of Reputationz News - your monthly 'reputation lens' on topical issues in business and life. It includes hints and tips to enhance what people think of you and leverage your reputation for success!

In this Issue:
Are You Making the Most of Quiet Influence?
What do Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg and Rob Fyfe have in common? They're all visionaries, achievers and ... 'Quiet Influencers' - highly effective introverts who use their natural strengths to make a big difference without making a lot of noise.

According to author Jennifer Kahnweiler, who holds a doctorate in counselling and organisational development (and is an extrovert), in today's rapidly evolving workplace the introvert's time has come.

Extrovert-centric self-promotion and loud persuasion are no longer pre-requisites for success. Today, people who stand out from the crowd are those that have a knack for building up others and are committed to listening instead of talking. 

Yet the reality is that introverts continue to be asked to adapt to an extrovert-centric workplace that rewards being 'out there' and 'in the spotlight'. Organisational cultures overwhelmingly support those who talk about their accomplishments, who spend more time out and about networking instead of alone deep in thought, and who make sure they are the first to get their ideas heard. 
In her new book Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference, Kahnweiler demonstrates the importance of understanding, nurturing and tapping-into the world of quiet influencers and their strengths so we can understand ourselves more effectively, and connect and engage with others more meaningfully and successfully.

Understanding our "Quiet Influence Quotient" (QIQ), for example, can help us identify what introvert qualities we possess and what we can work on to become more effective in our work and life.

Consciously developing and amplifying six strengths often demonstrated by introverts can help both introverts and extroverts challenge the status quo, provoke new ways of thinking, effect change and continuously inspire others to move forward. These six strengths are:
  1. Take quiet time: Introverts prioritise periods of solitude that provides them with a powerful source of creativity and self-awareness
  2. Preparation: Introverts increase their confidence to influence others by increasing their knowledge, creating a strategy and rehearsing
  3. Listening: This innate introvert talent helps Quiet Influencers establish rapport and mutual understanding - especially when they observe body language, ask questions and serve as a sounding-board for others
  4. Focused conversations: Introverts excel at the serious, purpose-driven, one-on-one or small group interactions vital for problem-solving, working through conflicts, and winning people over
  5. Writing: Introverts use this skill to influence others through deep, authentic, well-developed arguments that motivate others to action
  6. Thoughtful use of social media: Introverts naturally use social media in a thoughtful and more effective way to develop and grow relationships, achieve visibility, and mobilise people - even those far across the globe
If you're an extrovert, actively embracing, developing and supporting key introvert behaviours will help you develop heightened sensibilities, tap into a wider range of possible contributors, supporters and solutions, and increase your ability to influence all kinds of people and situations. If you're an introvert, there's never been a better time to claim your space and actively demonstrate the value and benefits your quiet influence brings.

In either case, why not take a walk on the quiet side and be the new face of business?

Find out whether you're a quiet or expressive influencer by taking the short online survey at
Reputation Winners & Losers

Below is my pick of recent reputation winners and losers. Do you agree? Feel free to email me to let me know who or what you think should be included in each list.


Finance company GE Capital for withdrawing its consumer finance options from  gun shops in the US.

The 'You've got my car park, want my disability too?' Facebook page for publicly profiling vehicles parked in mobility car park spaces without displaying a permit.

Saudia Arabia for launching a 'No More Abuse' anti domestic violence campaign featuring a woman in a veil with a visible black eye noting 'some things can't be covered'.


Approximately 28,000 Chinese rivers for apparently disappearing following a 3-year survey by China's Ministry of Water Resources.

'Viva Forever!' the Spice Girls musical for failing to resonate with audiences in 2013 and shutting down with a NZ$9 million loss.

Dairy giant Fonterra for creating a 3-layered milk bottle that many consumers feel is unnecessary and recyclers claim is unenvironmentally-friendly.

Customer Service vs Customer Experience - Are They Different?

What's the difference between customer service and customer experience? Surely they're one in the same thing? The truth is they are different and it's worth understanding what the difference is, and why it matters, if you want to truly connect and engage with your clients and customers, and have them willingly refer and recommend you to others. Customer Experiences expert, Chris Bell, gives his take on why the difference is important in a guest post on my blog. Check it out and decide which you're providing to your clients.

In Short ...
16 Ways to Get Reoeat Business by Glen Senior at HomeBizBuzz
How to build trust online with your signature by Cornelia Luethi
Corporate PA Summit 14 May in Auckland
Essentially Speaking 14-16 June in Auckland with Amanda Fleming
Useful computer password tips & tricks from VA Marion Jackson
Wise Words

"Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man."

Iain Duncan Smith, politician

... and finally
If any reminder may be needed regarding the importance of listening to, and valuing the contribution of quiet influencers, remember an anagram of 'Listen' is 'Enlist'

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