Setting the Agenda:  The Summer Will Go Faster Than You Think!
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Setting the Agenda:  The Summer Will Go Faster Than You Think!
Most of our leadership groups hold some type of summer board meeting/retreat in the months of June or July.  In this meeting, you may:
  • Develop and approve a budget for the next program year
  • Create a Nominating Committee that will solicit candidates to stand for election to the Board
  • Set program goals for the next year that may include some special event, such as a children’s celebration
  • Develop a public policy agenda that will guide your advocacy efforts in your state’s next legislative session
  • Plan and finalize the program content for your annual conference
  • Plan for a leadership transition in the fall if your new President takes office at that time
  • Plan for an organizational transition if you are currently in the leadership group of a local or state affiliate associated with both SECA and NAEYC
This meeting is always packed with issues and “things” that must get done and it’s the time that most of our leadership can focus on what the association needs to do. 
Here are some questions to ask as you leave that meeting, knowing that the summer will pass far too quickly and the fall is just a few months away.
  • If you finalized a budget, did you incorporate resources to support the program initiatives that you designed as goals? Have your resources been allocated to ensure that you have adequate funds to make sure that the programs/initiatives you are planning will be successful?
  • Have you been realistic about the revenue you can expect during the next year and are your projected expenses in line with that revenue? Do you need to seek out grants or other sources of support to effectively implement your program goals?
  • Have you set realistic timelines to make sure that your group of volunteers can get the job done? (If the timelines are not realistic and designed around the professional lives of your board and volunteers, the programs will not be what you want them to be.)
  • Have you spread the work among your Board so that no one person is carrying the load? Does everyone have an assignment, including completion dates, to make sure that things get done? Is someone responsible for following up and ensuring that folks are meeting commitments?
  • If your conference is in the fall, is the planning complete, speakers secured, marketing underway and volunteers plugged in to specific jobs? Remember, you’re only a few months away from your major professional development event…..nothing’s harder than waiting until the last minute to finalize the “details.”
  • Are your current President and President-Elect working together to ensure a smooth transition in leadership if that happens in the fall? Have you planned some type of Board orientation to give new members the information and background they need to “hit the ground running?”
  • Has your affiliate determined how you want to participate in a state/local organizational structure if you are participating in the organizational restructuring that is occurring at NAEYC?
If you didn’t get it all done, you’ve still got time.  The month of July can be the perfect time to step back, identify what still needs to be done and plan for the fall, when thinking time, rather than doing time, is in short supply. 

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