I’m Tired: Recruiting New Leaders!
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How many Board positions have you occupied? If you’re like leaders in most of our locals/chapters, it may have been quite a few. We tend to re-cycle leadership, asking persons to serve in different positions. One year you’re the Secretary, the next, you’re the Treasurer. You finally say “enough” and manage to stay away for a year. Guess who’s back the next year?

Obviously, no one wants this to be the standard in providing leadership in your group. As you move forward to diversify and enhance your leadership group, here are some ideas to consider.

  • Young leaders perceive board service differently. How will you make their time on the board productive and effective? Will they consider board service to be a privilege with an energetic, progressive group or will they consider board service to be something that they’re supposed to do but not really enjoy?
  • Current leaders need to let go and let new people lead. Sometimes, boards become stagnant because existing leaders aren’t willing to change. New leaders probably won’t do it the way you would but they may do it better! Help them learn the ropes.
  • Your local/chapter will need a pipeline of leaders just waiting to serve. Who will be the person or group that finds and mentors these new leaders? Anyone know what a nominating committee is really supposed to do?

No one said this would be easy. If your local/chapter is to thrive, that leadership pipeline is a necessity. Here are some resources we’ve put together that may give you some ideas.


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