We Need Some Money to Get Started!
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We all know that it takes some initial capital to start-up an organization.  SECA is committed to supporting the professional development of our emerging leaders and students and has created a fund to support those efforts.

The Janie Humphries Student Leadership Fund provides small grants of $250:
  • To promote student membership.
  • To develop student affiliates or chapters within their state.
  • To provide initial start-up capital for student affiliates/chapters.
  • To provide leadership development opportunities for those student affiliates/chapters. 
These funds have been utilized to date to provide special programming for students at conferences and to provide initial start-up capital for chapters.  The application can be a joint effort of the affiliate/chapter and the state affiliate which must approve the request before it is submitted to SECA. 
  1.  The Janie Humphries Student Leadership Development Fund Application
  2. The Leadership Letter, July 2015 
Take advantage of this support to bring our new colleagues and “professionals in training” into the world of association membership.  
E-Tips for a Shoestring Budget
Did you know as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization you qualify for discounts and even free services from many outside vendors? provides e-mail marketing and is one of those vendors. If you have a membership database with less than 2,000 e-mail addresses you can send marketing e-mails for free! The system is easy to use with many colorful templates at your disposal.
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