Future Turtles Newsletter #13

Get some stickers!

We’re making up stickers advertising the Future Turtles camp. These are good to give people, on and off playa, so that they remember where we are camping and can come hang out with us!

  • Please fill out this form (due Sunday) to get some stickers mailed to you which you can give all your burner friends. Tell them about our welcome sunset party, Monday night at 6pm. Extra stickers will also be available on playa.

Come learn about how to prepare for Burning Man!

The guardians are organizing a meetup in NYC on Sunday, July 17 at 5:00pm to coach you up on how to prepare for Burning Man... what to bring, what not to bring, how to prepare emotionally, and to answer any and all questions you may have with only a minimum of snark. It will take place in person at Joel’s apartment, or on Zoom, and is open to non-turtles, too.

Get your bike rental!

In the last email I mentioned that you probably should rent bikes from Playa Bike Repair, and, if you did that, to please forward the email receipt to Based on the number of receipts, I suspect y’all haven’t all really done that.

Get your bus ticket!

If you’re taking the Burner Bus Express, now is a great time to buy a ticket before they sell out.

  • If you’re camping with the Turtles, we probably don’t have room for your car or camper, so take the bus.

  • Turtles must arrive as early as possible on Monday, August 29, or earlier (Saturday and Sunday are fine)

  • All Turtles are required to help us strike camp and shouldn’t plan to leave until Monday, September 5, at noon or later.

Get your flights squared away!

If you are flying in, probably book flights now? Reno airport is a small airport and the flights to Reno are already getting quite expensive, and that airport is usually a huge traffic jam during Burning Man. If you’re taking the bus anyway, it might be easier to get a flight to SFO.