30 Days Until The Man Burns!

Final Meeting Before Playa!

The final Future Turtles meeting to go over anything urgent before we hit the playa will take place on Wednesday, August 17, at 6:00pm Eastern. It will be exclusively on Zoom and we’ll record it if you can’t make it.

Help Promote Our Events!

David made some cute images to promote our parties and HIIT classes. Download them and send them to all your friends, put them in your social medias, etc.

Download HIIT Invite and Party Invite

Camping with us?

Make sure you’ve planned your arrival and departure, booked any plane tickets and bus tickets, paid camp dues, reserved your bike, got your ticket to Burning Man and read the entire survival guide!

Here is a helpful Burning Man Prep Guide by our own Michael, head of the Guardians team, which includes specific information about camping with the Turtles, and general information about how to prepare for Burning Man.

If you have not paid camp dues and did not receive the Future Turtles 2022 Face Book you are Not Camping With Us. Our camp is completely full this year, but if you are a Friend of the Turtles camping in Open Camping, please feel free to jump in the discord and we’ll do everything we can to give you advice on how open camping works and how to prepare for radical self reliance in Black Rock City.

See You On Playa!

Here are some key things to know about the Future Turtles at Burning Man.

the schedule…

Sunday August 21 - the early build team arrives in Reno, NV and starts getting ready
Tuesday August 23 - the early build team enters Black Rock City
Wednesday August 24 - a lot of stuff starts to be delivered to our camp
Friday / Saturday August 26/27 - the late build team starts arriving, bringing food and plumbing
Sunday August 28 - Burning Man Opens!
Monday August 29 - All Turtles Must Arrive For Orientation: 4pm. We will have an early dinner / welcome feast / orientation, followed by our big welcome party starting at 6pm.
Saturday September 3 - The Man Burns!
Sunday September 4 - MANDATORY breakdown all day. The entire camp works to take everything apart and put it away. Evening: The Temple Burns.
Monday September 5 - FINAL breakdown (kitchen, last tents, final MOOP sweep). Nobody should leave until that is done, usually well before noon.

After we leave playa some people are staying at the Peppermill in Reno for a day of decompression.

work shifts…

You will be assigned to a pod of three people and given four work shifts (probably about 3 hours each). If you can’t make a work shift, you are responsible to find someone to replace you. Watch out for an email in the next week or two with assignments.


We serve a group lunch daily at 12:30 which is also our daily camp meeting, camp announcements, etc.

We also serve dinner every evening from 6 - 8:30, which you are welcome to come eat at any time in that window.

There will be some snacks available if you miss a meal or want more food, but please be self sufficient and bring something nice in case you feel like you need a little nosh, mk?