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# 1019 | 12/14/2016

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Central Asia: Muslim woman rises from the dead to tell her family about Jesus

Christian journalist Steve Rees reports about a remarkable story from Central Asia. It’s about a 63-year old Muslim woman, Sabina, who landed in a coma and was proclaimed dead by her doctors. Her body was brought to a morgue where she stayed for two days.

In a near-death-experience she had a vision of a tree branch moving toward her and turning into a hand. She heard the words: “If you grab onto my hand, I will bring you back to life.” When she took hold of the hand, she came back to live, to the astonishment of the medical staff working in the morgue.

When she returned home, she surprised family members by heading straight to a local Pentecostal church where she surrendered her life to Christ.

This happened several years ago and since then her six daughters, her son, her 92-year old mother and a niece have become Christians too. It demonstrates that entire household salvations still happen, also among Muslims. Her emotional and powerful testimony is now spreading through her Muslim nation in Central Asia.

'I saw Jesus. He had his arms open wide and welcomed me home.'

When Muslim students at university heard about the miracle, they invited Sabina’s son-in-law Jamal to share about Jesus with them.

A close friend of Jamal started to have dreams and visions of Jesus and within a month he gave his heart to the Savior. “When we prayed together he began to weep,” says Jamal. “After settling himself, he told me, ‘Jamal, I just saw Jesus again. This time he had his arms open wide, welcoming me home.’” When his friend’s wife heard about the conversion, she threatened to divorce him. But he prayed for her and three months later both of them were baptized.

Out of the conversion of this family many home Bible study groups have started among friends and neighbors. Some team members are ministering to Syrian refugees. “Last year we adopted an entire refugee camp before winter set in because many babies and toddlers die from the cold. We raised enough money to pay for heat and insulation in their tents,” Jamal says. They request prayer for their work with Syrian refugees, and for the love of Jesus to be revealed to many more friends and neighbors.

Source: Steve Rees
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Middle East: God brings dust storm to protect new believers from terrorist attack

At least 50 Christians in the Middle East directly experienced God’s mighty hand of protection from Islamist militants when He caused a giant dust storm to hide them from their attackers.

The story of divine protection began with a baptism held in secret. “By the ever loving grace of God, 24 believers of Jesus Christ from Islam received baptism in the Arabian Sea,” says Pastor Paul, founder of missions organization Bibles for Mideast. About 50 people, including the baptism candidates, boarded a bus that took them to the appointed spot. They had been instructed to keep their plans secret. “After the baptism service and prayers, we all entered the bus to return back to our house church for a worship service and the Lord’s Supper,” Pastor Paul recounts.
The bus started moving. Suddenly three cars filled with Islamic militants came speeding up behind the bus and started shooting at them. “We don’t know how it was leaked to the militants,” says Pastor Paul. He believes it was their plan to kill them during the baptism service. But somehow, they misjudged the timing of their arrival.

A wild chase began, as the bus driver and the cars picked up speed on the two-lane road. “We really did not know what to do, but started praying to the Lord for His protection.” Then something very unusual happened. “Suddenly we saw a giant dust storm form behind our bus,” Pastor Paul says. At first they were afraid that the dust storm would envelop the bus and they would be forced to stop, which would cause the terrorists to overtake them. But, the dust storm surrounded the militants’ cars, not the bus. “We again heard the gunshots towards us. But we didn’t see their vehicles behind us any more.”

As some looked back at the dense cloud, they saw a beautiful vision of the Lord Jesus Christ in the dust storm. With gratitude to God they arrived at the house church and lifted up praise to the Lord.

Source: Pastor Paul, via Mark Ellis

UK: Christian couple buys house for asylum seekers

A couple saving for their own home bought a house for asylum seekers instead. Matthew and Steph Neville, from Birmingham, had been saving for years when they decided to help people who had nowhere else to turn. The couple are part of a Christian community and live in a church. Asylum seekers who have recently arrived in the country are expected to move into the house, in an undisclosed West Midlands location, by Christmas.

Source: Matthew and Steph Neville, BBC News
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