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I have started this weekly newsletter to help you keep up-to-date with the interesting events, companies, and research that are changing the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. Feel free to send tips and events that you would like to see included on the site or in the newsletter.

- Danielle Gould

Week In Review

Interview: Amanda Hesser on Food52 & Food+Tech

New York Times food columnist Amanda Hesser has long captured the hearts of foodies worldwide. Last year, with the launch of food52, she and co-founder Merrill Stubbs, began charming a whole new demographic- the growing food and tech community. Food52 is the first crowdsourced cookbook.  The site is a platform for collecting recipes from homecooks... (more)

5 New Cooking Apps Fit For a Hacker

5 new apps that will change your cooking experience. Programmers, hackers, and anyone who is interested in experimentation in the kitchen and understanding reactions in cooking- Cooking for Geeks is for you. Check out all of the apps here.

Future of Food

Neighbor Dining: See What it’s All About

Neighbor Dining is a new social dining concept conceived of by creative artist Luong Lu and European energy provider Vattenfall. The idea is to use a social media platform that integrates with Foursquare to cut down on the loneliness of living alone, energy waste from cooking dinners for one, and the cost of food... (more)


(only a selection, for full calendar click here. please feel free to send events to include on the calendar)

11/1  Social Media, Technology & Change
11/1  Retail + 30: The Future of Retail
11/2  Book Launch Party & Tasting Event for the Essential New York Tmes Cookbook & In the Kitchen With a Good Appetite
11/2  TimeOpen 2.0: Real-Time Web 
11/2  Night Owls: Let's Make Shit Happen
11/2  Game Analysis 
11/3  Creative Action & Everyday Urban Agriculture
11/4  GeoWeb Summit
11/5  L2 Innovation Conference
11/6  The Great Urban Hack

Mashable upcoming tech & social media events

Information Bites

How Smart Cafeterias Could Fight Childhood Obesity
- The Atlantic
Looks at the role of design in making healthy eating more appealing.

Lunch Line Design - NYT
Great interactive on lunchroom design strategies.

Bees Solve Hard Computing Problems Faster Than Super Computers - Gizmodo
Researchers found that bumblebees were able to figure out the most efficient routes amount sever computer-controlled flowers.

Food Systems at SOCAP 2010 - Farms Reach
Round-up from Food Systems Track. Sessiona 1 & 2 presentations.

The Makings of a Good Fish Monger:The Lobster Place Seafood Market [VIDEO] - Food.Curated
Behind the scenes look at what makes The Lobster Place tick.

The Makings of a Good Fish Monger:
The Lobster Place Seafood Market
 [VIDEO] - Food.Curated
Behind the scenes look at what makes The Lobster Place tick.

New Apps

Gourmet LIve
Farmers Market Finder

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