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Body Butter vs. Body Lotion
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Jessa Skin Organic Body Butters & Body Lotions

Dry skin occurs when the skin loses it's oily lipid layer which protects it from moisture loss.  Some of the common ways for this to happen is repeated hand washing, windy conditions or dry heat (such as home furnaces).  With cooler temperatures coming, the wind will be picking up and the heat will be going on more often.  It's important to protect your skin now to prevent it from cracking and becoming irritated.  The best way to protect the skin on your hands and body is to invest in a high-quality, all-natural body lotion or butter to keep your skin continually moisturized. 

So, what's the difference between a body lotion and a body butter?

Body lotion is comprised of both water and oil providing a smooth application and a lighter feel.  Lotion can be easily applied and absorbed by the skin.  Body lotion is designed to be light enough to wear everyday and is recommended for all skin types. It is best to apply to a cleansed or scrubbed dry body at least once a day for best results.  Using a nickle to quarter size amount on each area; just enough to let it soak in. 

Jessa Skin offers two all-natural, organic, family-friendly lotions available in 1/4 trial size for $4, 1 oz travel size for $9, 6 oz for $14 and 16 oz family size for $44:

  • Fresh Cucumber Body Lotion - Active ingredients of aloe, cucumber water, coconut oil, jojoba, witch hazel, vitamin E. Fresh smelling and luxurious feel!
  • Lavender-licious Body Lotion - Active ingredients of aloe, lavender water, coconut oil, jojoba, witch hazel, vitamin E. Surround yourself with the smell of pure lavender.

Body butter steps moisturizing your skin up a notch!  It is the ultimate moisture necessary for hydrating extremely dry skin. Thanks to including Shea butter in the ingredients, body butters are thicker than lotions, go on a bit heavier and take a little extra time to soak in.  Body butters are necessary for people who suffer with extreme dry, cracked, rough or chafed skin.  With the added boast of Vitamin E and B5, Jessa Skin body butters provide healing to elbows, knees, dry hands and more.   We recommend you use a nickel size amount on each body part and apply once a day for best results. For extreme dryness, you may need to apply multiple times a day until desired results are achieved.

Jessa Skin offers two all-natural, organic, family-friendly body butters in 1/4 oz trial size for $6, 1 oz for $11 and 4 oz or $26.

  • Aloe-Shea Hydration Body Butter - Active ingredients include aloe, Shea butter, jojoba, vitamin E, B5 and witch hazel. Pleasantly unscented and easy to use for both men and women.
  • Rosewater Velvet Hand & Body Butter - Active ingredients include rose distillate, coconut oil, jojoba, vitamin E and witch hazel. Lovely light rose petal scent.


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