Diving Deeper to Relinquish Negativity

What up Gangstas!

This past Sunday we continued reading on page 180, learning more about unhappiness and happiness. This section of reading was full of great nuggets of information to help us move forward as we relinquish the past and our Eckhart mind keeping us from our own awakening.

Eckhart says what they fear and resist most is the end of their drama. As long as they are their mind, what they fear and resist the most is their own awakening. And I find this so relevant in many people who begin their awakening and get scared and turn away because the attachment to drama or the attachment to our old selves is easier than learning to be a new self.

On page 192 Eckhart goes over a technique to help you be like a duck in releasing negativities from your energy field and not allowing it to materialize into the body. We finished reading on page 194.

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If you want to archive any of the past readings they are all linked on my website for ease of access. They will be removed from Twitter Spaces after 30 days, so I am putting them on a private channel on my YouTube and you can access all the he links below.

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These are some suggestions to help integrate what we read in the sessions. They are totally optional, yet I highly suggest them as we will take the first few minutes of each session to go over everyone’s findings.

Integration Exercise: Do the exercise on 192 learning to become transparent so that you can practice releasing negative energy and learn to not absorb it into the body.

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