The State of Presence

What up Gangstas! Thanks for being patient with me as I get this email out to you all. I have been down and quite out with the flu. I haven’t been sick in forever and the way that hit me, I grateful I dont! I lost 10 lbs…. So the flu… 10 outta 10. I still DONT recommend it. Boost your immune system kids.

Lets get back to business. Last Sunday in book club we completed Chapter 5, The State of Presence. Eckhart says, “It’s not what you think it is. You can’t think about presence and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.” How very true. It seems so simplistic and yet, we all over think it.

Eckhart also spoke about the Esoteric Meaning of Waiting. There is something so great in the waiting. I remember early on in my path I had a mentor who would always speak of their animal encounters while they were meditating. I felt envious, desiring to experience the same. I would often go wander in nature to meditate and the back of my mind I was restlessly waiting for an encounter. After being out for a while, I would leave, peaceful and disappointed all the same. I always felt I was missing something, but my ego internalized it deeper, like you’ll never get to that level of spirituality, you’re not good enough. As much as it was wrong it was right. I was never going to get to that place with thinking about the experience, with restlessly waiting. I needed to become fully present to hear the silence between the silence to be washed away in bliss for the allowance to open up and Source deliver.

He continues deeper into he chapter to speak about the Reality of your Divine Presence. Extending the knowledge You ARE Christ. It is imperative for us to remove the personalization we have of Christ, the human form, the appearance, the gender even. Look to Christ as merely an enlightened teacher. You’re drawn to every “mentor” or teacher because there is something already within you to recognize presence within them.

If you were unable to join us I encourage you to replay the session below or read the pages. You can access here.

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These are some suggestions to help integrate what we read in the sessions. They are totally optional, yet I highly suggest them as we will take the first few minutes of each session to go over everyone’s findings.

Integration Exercise: Take time this week to do the following exercise:

This week extend your meditation practice by 5 minutes. While meditating focus on your energetic aura which is 5 inches off the body.

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