What a Great First Reading!

Thank you to everyone who joined on Twitter for the First Spiritual Gangsta reading. If you were unable to join us, I encourage you to listen to the playback linked below before next Sunday.

In our first session, we got everyone familiar with the simple workings of Twitter Spaces. We began with reading parts of the introduction, learning about Ekhart’s experience and how he came about writing The Power of Now. Then, we continued to Chapter 1, finishing up on page 14.

Years ago, when I first read this book, I couldn’t grasp what he was speaking about, enlightenment, and now, the introduction speaks massive resonance to me. He says, “I can not tell you what you don’t already know what is within you,” and we all can feel that, right? When something is true, you can feel it within.

In Chapter 1, he spoke about the word God and why he doesn’t use the word often due to the tarnish that has come over it from years of misuse.

Play Replay Day 1

These are some suggestions of at home(work) to help integrate what we read in the sessions. They are totally optional, yet I highly suggest them as we will take the first 10 mins of each session to go over everyone’s findings.

Homework: Take time this week to answer the following questions:

  1. What does Enlightenment mean to you?

  2. Do you feel Enlightenment is for only a select few?

  3. Do you feel Enlightenment is something outside yourself?

See you next Sunday, May 26th @ 8pm EST on Twitter Spaces