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Improving the content in the Question Bank

Hi Everyone,

We know how messy the survey writing process can get, especially when you're a lone researcher or part of a very small team. You can check and cross reference a  million materials, but still the question lingers: am I doing this right? 

The goal of Bellini Slushie has always been to democratize research and reduce uncertainty during the survey writing process. Lately, we've been focusing on improving the quality of the content in the Question Bank so we can achieve this.

Improving the "Recommendations and other notes" section
We launched with a "Recommendations and other notes" section that offers guidance and best practices for each question. However, we started with extremely generic recommendations; many repeated across multiple questions and most were high level. 

We're now working on improving the recommendations for each question. The goal is to simulate a dialogue about how the question and its responses can be modified, something you may not have access to in real life. The improved recommendations offer more details and examples, giving you a better understanding on how to tailor the question for your use.

 Check out the differences for an industry question below:

OLD "Recommendations and other notes" section:
NOTE: The provided industries are a general base for you to start with. Make sure to adjust the industry based on your country and target market. 
NEW "Recommendations and other notes" section: 
NOTE: The provided industries are a general base for you to start with and need to be adjusted based on how that industry is categorized in your target country and / or to match your specific target market.  

If you are asking a high level industry question like in the responses provided, make sure to check how the country you're surveying lists the industries. For example, different countries may combine certain industries, split out ones that are listed here, or have entirely different industry categorizations. The best place to find country industry categorizations is from that country's national census.

The industries provided are very high level categorizations. For the US Example, refer to the Census 2017 Industry Code List with Cross Walk to view all of the sub industries under the higher level categorization. For example, Manufacturing itself has 79 sub industries listed under it. If you need to collect more granular data (i.e. you want to collect the sub industries), you can either 1) create a question branch that goes from the higher level industry --> sub industries listed under it or 2) have all of the options listed out in a drop down at once. We recommend  #1, as #2 is a lot of responses for the participant to sift through. However, if you're limited with survey questions and / don't have the branching functionality, then #2 works fine.

Finally, if you are targeting specific industries, you should adjust the responses based on the higher level / sub industries within your target market. For example, if you are targeting Agriculture workers, you can simply list out the 5 sub divisions as options and add an "Other" option. Anyone that selects the "other" would be disqualified from taking your survey.

The new section is much better, right? We're slowly working on making these types of improvements for each question. Keep checking back to watch the progress. 🥳

New questions added to the bank
We're still growing the Question Bank too! In the past few weeks, we've added 21 new questions to the bank. Plus, we have a few more to add shortly. 

Reminder: you can submit questions / changes!
As always, you can submit new questions or suggested changes to the Question Bank. Simply click on the "Add to the bank" tab on the right side of the Question Bank (see below).


That's it for now 👋
As always, if you'd like to reach out, email us at or send us a tweet @bellinislushie

- The Bellini Slushie Team 

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