College Savings Reminders. Investment Options in US TIPS Bonds.
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College Savings Reminders

With the school year ending, now is a great time to review your child's college fund. If you need to make a contribution or set one up, don't wait until December, you can do it today.


The federal gift tax exclusion this year is $14,000, which means each parent or grandparent (or anyone else, really) can contribute up to $14,000 for each child. If you want to make an even larger contribution, speak to your tax advisor about making an accelerated gift that uses 5 years of exclusions today.


For most families, our recommended college savings plan is The Vanguard 529 Plan. If, like New York, your state offers tax benefits for using your in-state plan, you should evaluate that plan as well.

Here are our 529 plan recommendations for the most common states among our clients.

State Recommended Plan
California Vanguard 529
Hawaii Vanguard 529
New York New York 529 Direct
Washington Vanguard 529

If your state is not listed, email me and I will let you know which plan I would use.

Featured Article

Investment Options in US TIPS Bonds

The role of bonds in our clients' portfolios -- especially today with extremely low yields -- is that of a shock absorber. It's no guarantee, but bonds generally react very differently than stocks to economic or political surprises, whether it's news in Greece or an economic slowdown here in the US.

To realize this diversification benefit of holding bonds, the bonds held must be of very high quality, otherwise some of the shock absorption feature is lost. The two types of bonds that we primarily consider are US Treasury bonds and US TIPS bonds. Let's discuss TIPS today.

TIPS stands for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. The primary difference from a standard Treasury bond is that TIPS are set up to track inflation. If inflation goes up, TIPS will pay its investors a higher return. This feature makes TIPS a popular option for investors who want to protect their portfolio against unexpectedly high inflation.

Before you get too excited, you should know that just like any other interest rate ...

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