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Updated Sheet Music Resources

Digital archives on the Web continue to expand, and is keeping pace with updated links to valuable sites and portals. As one example, check out the Beethoven Haus Digital Archive in Bonn, Germany, which has grown into an extraordinary resource for scholars and performers of Beethoven's music. It incorporates 5,000 documents, 1,600 audio files (music examples & audio letters), and 7,600 text files.

Making Music on the High Seas

Ever thought about performing on a cruise ship? If so, you'll want to check out the blog Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Musician by David Hahn. "If there is anything at all the you want to know about working as a musician on a cruise ship, you will find it here."

Mikey Gets a Makeover

If you use an iPod or iPhone, check out Blue Microphones new version of Mikey, a plug-in mic that can transform your Apple device into a slick portable recorder. Due out this summer, the new generation Mikey features a pair of mic capsules for stereo recording and other innovations. You can use Mikey with standard voice memo software or download more sophisticated apps.

Are You a Shapely Musician?

Professor Daniel Leech-Wilkinson of King's College London and the Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice invites "experienced musical performers of professional or near-professional standards" to take part in a 30-minute questionnaire. Prof. Leech-Wilkinson and his associates are "researching the ways in which experienced performers use the idea of 'shape' when thinking about or performing music." Click here to learn more.

Copyright Help

We musicians often confront complex copyright issues. Here are sites that deconstruct American copyright laws and help us grasp concepts such as 'fair use,' 'public domain,' and 'protected rights.'

Einstein on Creative Thinking

In this post on their blog, Imagine That! Annals of Ordinary and Extraordinary Genius, psychologists Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein use the example of Albert Einstein's creative process to suggest that daily music practice can stimulate "genius-level creativity."

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